Monday, May 10, 2010



Beautiful sunny day here in Philadelphia, PA.

Yesterday I drank two vitamix pitchers full of green smoothie until 3pm. Then I had a raw broccoli salad, some raw Buckwheat crackers and some raw granola.

For dinner, I had a big salad with kalamata olives, balsamic vinaigrette (not raw), tomatoes, cukes, and raw onion from the corner shop. I finished the buckwheat crackers, and for dessert had a little raw coconut chocolate cookie from Oasis (unreal).

Ooops, i forgot about the 3 handfuls of cashews i had over the coarse of the afternoon. Woops! Forgot to mention that!!!

And i finished the bag of raw granola late watching TV. uy. was a GREAT first half of the day!

ALOT is going on!!! We have company coming for several weeks. Cliff will be taking care of them. I'll be at Susan's finalizing our catering planning for the party on the 22nd. My mother is having surgery on the 19th. EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. Everyone knew in advance i'd be unavailable.

I cleaned like a maniac yesterday, for our company. That was my exercise.

Not a disasterous day, but not fantastic.

We have a 2nd party to cater on May 30th.

On June 1st, i'll kick the exercise and diet into high gear, and I swear, I'm taking a vacation.

xoxo michelle joy

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