Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hiya Folks,

It's a chilly day here in Chalfont, PA. I slept over my catering partner, Susan's, house last night since we were up until 2:30a.m. working on our planning, ordering, shopping lists for our upcoming catering event. Little by little it all gets done.

I ran out of bananas and ended up just having a salad for breakfast yesterday. I stayed all raw, but overate all day on raw bread and snacks while working here. I didn't say 'no' if i was offered food and i wasn't hungry.

Boy, was my tummy upset last night. Susan gave me some Tahitian Noni Juice and within a half hour, my gas was settled. Good stuff! As she explained, noni juice is Extreme Alkelinity! It's the 2nd most alkelinizing food in the world after lemon. It's cleansing, detoxifying, rebuilds the body and immune system, and is an anti-inflammatory. It's a wonder elixer! I bought 2 bottles. I purchased a bottle from Susan once before, but really didn't see any big wows, so didn't keep it up. This last bit of evidence, having severe gastric upset...and then 'NOT' was quite convincing that something is definitely there. She's been taking it for years and SWEARS by the stuff. I think my mother would benefit, too, as she complains of gastric distress and gas eating almost raw daily. I'll keep you informed. If you have any questions: susanaman@sharenoni.com.

We're busy at work, so i'll say shalom until the next time!

xoxo michelle joy

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crosspecans said...

i saw you on arnolds youtube. im so glad you are back to raw foods and losing wt. ive lost 135 in the last year eating raw and drinking only water. i do eat fish every day or three. hubby feels better if i do. i know youre busy but if you have time check me out on youtube. crosspecans. i look forward to learning more about you. ~~