Saturday, May 15, 2010


Howdy Blogfriends,

How are you all doing tonight?? I hope well!

I am exhausted beyond belief, but excited to report about my day.

I drank green smoothie all day and never really had a meal otherwise, except for some tasting while i was preparing for the catering on the 22nd. It is almost 9pm and i am hungry, so i may make a whip or something, maybe a salad. Arnold encourages me not to eat late, and so does Susan, but...well, we'll see. [i did make a chopped salad afterall. it was delish, but big and i could have done with half. i forgive myself for eating the whole thing. rome wasn't built in a day. i have plenty of time to refine my eating habits. it was just interesting to take note that i wasn't really hungry anymore after about 3/4 through. i think my appetite is diminishing!!!]

Anyway, during the morning/day, i made 2 giant vitamix pitchers of green smoothie and drank from that all day whenever i was hungry, which is like every HOUR. I'm like a baby and need constant feedings on smoothies!

Today's 2nd smoothie was kinda tropical and rich: banana, durian, coconut, kale, pineapple. My first smoothie was tart/sweet: fresh orange juice, strawberries, banana, kale.

During my catering food prep today, I had to taste (to adjust seasoning) lots of different date mixtures for our stuffed dates and date balls and rolls. The good news was it never became compulsive. It was just what i had to do. I trust these tastebuds!!! The fact that the mixes are "fattening" didn't freak me out too much. I ate small tastes. I did well! Having company today made a big difference. I can't say what i would have done had i been alone.


Today i am filled with such amazing amounts of gratitude....

- I weighed myself this morning on Susan's scale and it says i'm down a good amount. I hope her scale is right. It says I'm back in the 270's. Just like...15 days ago, after SEVERELY HUGE BINGE EATING on everything fried and disgusting(-ly delicious), I weighed in at 310lb.

How can a person lose 30+ lbs in just 2 weeks? Well, it sounds kinda freaky, but on me, it's a lotta water weight. Did i ever tell you that the FIRST WEEK i went to O.H.I. (the raw retreat), i weighed in at 425 when i got there and after one week weighed 390. -35lbs in one week. Again, a lotta water weight, plus all of that FOOD in my intestines. People don't really think about how much cooked food is in their intestines...and how long it takes to digest...all of that food in there WEIGHS alot.

And, yes, a person like ME who binges HEAVILY, and is heavy in general, just tends to hold a lot of water. I think binge eating is so tremendously hard on the body, that it just reacts to the overload by holding onto water.

But, i suppose all of these smoothies are working! First of all, it's a big reduction in calories from what i was doing on cooked. Here's a typical binge lunch on cooked just a little over 2 weeks ago: 1 boca burger with cheese and mayo, 1 order fried onion rings, 2 slices pizza, 1 bag chips, 1 slice cake. Then i would go get chinese. And maybe a custard after THAT.

The green smoothies are cutting my appetite and taking my cravings away! And you know what? I enjoy them! The more i commit to them, the more benefit i'm seeing! I used to routinely make chocolate smoothies for breakfast (on raw) and snack all day on fattening raw gourmet chips and chocolates and pies and dehydrated stuff. With green smoothies, i find i WANT to eat healthier later. I don't know how this is all happening. It's freakin' me out!

I have a deep amount of gratitude to Arnold and Josh for the GREEN SMOOTHIE REVOLUTION. I REALLY needed this. I'm seeing results. And feeling and looking better.

Fried onion rings and pizza and all of that...are literally distant memories. If someone put them in front of me right now, i swear, i would have ZERO cravings for them. The green smoothies have turned me GREEN oriented. It's pretty amazing.

I remember how i felt after one week at the raw retreat and i have a similar feeling now. I quite simply feel like a different person. The feeling of being so wrapped up and addicted to cooked food binge GONE. Literally vanished. NOT of my own doing. That's what's incredible. I just drank green smoothies. I didn't see a psychologist. I didn't go to an Eating Disorder Unit (again). Amazing.

- The other thing I am so grateful the goodness and kindness of people. I had a volunteer today at the house helping me prepare for the party who was so outstanding, i'm just left incredulous at the goodness in the world.

God bless you, Maureen, for all of your help today. You are a beautiful person and i must say, i totally adore you, think you are one of the nicest and most interesting people i have ever met, and thank you for all you did today!!!

Maureen hand-stamped 250 napkins, cut 85 dates, laid out 9 trays of raw bread, shucked fresh rosemary and thyme from their stems, washed and cleaned at least 100 zucchini, and cleaned out the fridge in the garage. AND, she wanted to do more! I had to kick her out!!!


- I'm also so grateful for my mother. My mother, my dear mother, who is going in for surgery soon, was kind enough to go shopping for us for large food platters and found such fabulous ones. Even in her time of need and vulnerability, she always thinks of me, and tries to help me. I love you, Mommy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please send healing wishes to my mom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Make it a pure raw joy...and have one...or many!!! I think you will find that the more of them you drink, the less you will think of other food. Yes, it's a commitment, at first, but then, the body takes over and you WANT to drink them more. I'm not doing this today because i HAVE to, i'm actually unbelievably doing this because i now WANT TO!!!!

Love to you all,

xoxo michelle joy

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mikelle said...

i am sending love and visions of healing to your mom. may this experience be as easy as possible for you all. i am sending you a hug - this post is soooo inspiring...go gratitude! go green smoothies! go maureen :)! michelle, it really seems to me that you attract these wonderful people into your life. clearly you are wonderful.