Thursday, May 13, 2010


Howdy, raw fans,


I'm proud of myself today. I had a good food day!

Susan needed to go out, so i am here with a few quiet moments on my hand and thought i'd report about my day!

I had green smoothie up until 6:30p.m.!!! Wow! Then i had a yummy salad with "jan's avocado dressing" on it (1/2 avo, garlic, water, celtic salt, lemon juice). yummo.

Susan and i did a mongo amount of shopping for our catering event. You should see the house!

I had green smoothie this morning and in the afternoon. I even turned down a fabulous chopped salad today in favor of having more green smoothie! I made myself another vitamix full and took it with us shopping, drinking liberally from the container in the car in between store visits. It wasn't too hot out today, so it stayed a pleasant temperature. I actually enjoyed it and didn't feel deprived at all.

In fact, now THIS is interesting, around dinner-time, our shopping finally took us to Whole Foods, and with all of the cheese and goodies staring me in the face, you would have thought i might have caved. But i didn't! I honestly think green smoothies are helping me deal with cravings, and helping me have more self control! Susan and I even walked past a cheese demo and i was incredulous to recognize within myself that i had zero cravings. Often when i go to Whole Foods, i end up running right for the raw cheeses (and i'll eat the whole 8oz block) or run to get bags of raw chips. I had such amazing self control today. Amidst all of the stress of a massive shopping spree! The ONLY thing i can attribute that drinking more green smoothie! Maybe all of the vitamins in the greens????

Another funny thing was in the car on the way home from Whole Foods...I began to pick from my salad that i had put together there in a to-go container (i bought an avo and lemon to take home to make dressing, another amazing feat of self control, instead of opting for the cooked corn-syrup laden dressings they have there)...anyway, while in the car, i began snacking on the salad. MAN, did everything TASTE good! The fresh crunch and slight spice of colored peppers. The earthiness of mushrooms. The crispness and saltiness of celery. I think my palate is getting cleansed from all of these greens!

Not to mention my pits! Still no B.O. and i didn't even wear deoderant today!

I also found it interesting that while surveying the salad bar at Whole Foods, all of a sudden, the ROMAINE just about jumped UP in my face and said EAT ME!! I had such a pull to romaine. Isn't that wild??? Me??? Ms. Fried Onion Rings and Eggrolls? Who woulda thunk it.

Not sure i've lost any weight. I've not weighed myself. And i haven't been exercising.

Steady and slow is probably best anyway.

When all of the catering is over, i'm looking forward to kicking the exercise into overdrive...back to my water walking and swimming and walking up hills in manayunk. Can't wait to enjoy this summer even more than i did the last.

Cliff and I planted tomatoes and are looking forward to eating tomatoes in the summer!

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Morning, all,

Thanks so much again for all of your lovely birthday wishes and for all of the comments! Wow, i've been getting a lot of comments lately, i love it!

Yesterday was an Arnold's Way day, working in the kitchen. It was just non-stop! I drank green smoothies all day until 3ish, which seems like an excellent way for me to manage my tendency to snack on raw bread and such there. I never start, so i never have to worry about stopping :-))

I made myself a nice salad, which was totally delish, that had raw "steak" burger in it. I love that stuff.

Later in the day, i had to pack up the raw red pepper "chedder cheeze" spread and make my "toona," so unfortunately, there was a lotta tasting going on.

Nevertheless, things never degraded to the point, with my food, i mean, that they have in the past, where i start picking, and then i end up feeling so disgusted with myself, i'm buying bags of salty nuts and downing them and same with the kale chips, etc..., or even with the raw bread.

For some reason, i had a moticum of self-control. I really DO think it is the green smoothies. Well, it is one of TWO things with the green smoothies. It is either that i am getting alot of nutrition from all of the fruit and greens, which is taking cravings away. OR, it is the fact that i am DISCIPLINING myself, that is carrying over into later in the day.

I still overeat and generally lose control, but no where near as bad as it has been in the past. I should qualify that. When i was binge eating on cooked just weeks ago? It is NOWHERE near what i was doing then. Man, was i out of control. And when i used to binge on gourmet at work? NOTHING like that either. Okay, on a scale of 1-10, yesterday was a 3 in loss of control.

Last night, i wasn't hungry, but i made a banana durian whip.

I'm overwhelmed. I'm beyond TIRED. My feet are KILLING me. This catering thing is an enormous amount of work.

Arnold helped me get home 3 cases of pineapples, 1 case of zucchini, 1/2 case of lemons, 1 case of honeydew last night. God bless you, Arnold! I could NOT have done that without him.

SO much to do today, but a volunteer is coming to help at 1pm.

Off to work!

xoxo michelle joy

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