Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello raw fans,

12 days raw, yay!

I slept over Susan's last night. We were up until 2a.m. writing our shopping list for the raw catering event. It's just massive amounts of work to organize everything for food for 200. We had a lotta laughs, however. We always have a fun time.

Today we go shopping, yay!

Yesterday I drank green smoothie until 2pm. We had a wonderful raw lunch, then, a chopped salad of carrot and avo and celery on top of greens. Susan's hubby, Mark, is so talented in the kitchen. So is Susan! So, no raw meal here is EVER dull!!!! Not to mention, they live in the most beautiful home here in Chalfont, in the country, so i feel like i'm treated like a queen here!

I was pretty snacky last night, so i don't feel that great about how I did yesterday, but i still have to honor that i am drinking so many more smoothies than i ever was, have no b.o., my skin looks good, i feel so much better than i did when i was binge eating onion rings and eggrolls.

After the catering events are over (we have another one on the 30th of May in Swarthmore, PA), i think i'll take a vacation...and then kick the program into high gear. I haven't been exercising much as i've just been focused elsewhere and pretty swamped with work.

We're also having company, Cliff and I, so the last week or so, when i've been at home has been dedicated to cleaning the house (that's exercise!).

Alot is going on...!!!

My mom's surgery is on the 19th. She's been mostly raw now for at least 12 weeks, maybe it's even much longer, and is looking healthy albeit very skinny. She went from 130 to 115. No one is happy about that because she's tall. I'm actually thinking maybe the bowel surgery may be a good thing??? Tiffany at Oasis said sometimes they DO need to remove a blockage.

OOOH, THank you for the birthday wishes. I feel so blessed to have so many kind readers! Thank you for your support and love.

I send the same to you. Keep in touch.

xoxo michelle joy


Cosmic said...

Wow! It sound's like your having a blast Michelle:0)

Have you checked out or try googling him to access his blog. His big low-fat raw wedding photos are exquisite:) Do check them out soon:)


Kayla said...

Hi Michelle,
I just came across your blog today and I must say it is refreshing!! You are soo honest about everything and you admit when you cheat! Alot of us even deni it to own self. I checked out your blog from watching one of arnolds videos. Im a big fan of arnold hes great. You are so so so gorgeous..your skin is glowing. I want you to know that I am supporting you through your new lifestyle changes. I have had bad cravings and I found a way that works!! finally! I make a meal for dinner for me and my fiance and make enough for lunches the next day. I eat 6 small meals every two hours. I portion the meals into little tupperwears and put it in the fridge. And i scedual when I am going to eat so I become like a robot and reach into the fridge and grab my all ready portioned meal. It prevents overeating and cravings. I find I get the biggest cravings when I have nothing prepared and im looking in my fridge and I just see vegetables that Im too hungry to create into anything. THen i leave the house and get a burrito lol. So this has really worked for me and thought I would share it with you. It takes a little committement but not much.

You are soooo great...seeing you on arnolds are so relateable and funny and have all the qualities that I love in my own friends. I really want to keep updated on your progress and help you anyway that I can.
from Canada