Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Happy Birthday To me! 43 today! Wish me a happy one!

Wanna hear something interesting??? All of these green smoothies, and my pits don't stink! I've heard coworkers of mine say that they have no body odor on raw, but i've always had to at least use armpit deoderant. I haven't used it for three days and there's no smell! I suppose all of the greens are detoxifying! I didn't even think i've been drinking that many, but, overall, yes, i'm drinking many more green smoothies than i have been, yes. On some days, i am eating nothing until after drinking them until 3pm.

Yesterday I drank green smoothie until 1:30p.m.

Then, Susan and her husband, Mark, and I, had an unbelievable raw lunch of guacamole and celery sticks and salad. Every meal I have there is better than the next. We finished the meal with Susan's new recipe for lemon bars, which we'll serve at the catering event we're readying ourselves non-stop for. They are so delish. A new taste sensation!

For dinner, unfortunately, I ate an entire bag of earling organics the car while driving. I was tired and on automatic compulsive pilot, and already regretting it halfway through the bag, but kept going. That's about 1,000 cals right there. And I awoke with a really puffy face. There must have been a lot of sodium in those delish nuggets of yumminess. Someday, after all of the stress is over, i will learn to better control my overeating.

However, i have to really look on the bright side. I'm raw 11 days. HALLELUJAH! Susan and I were at her sisters yesterday picking up some display plates and a crock pot, and there was rice done cooking. Of course, i WANTED some, but i said no. That was progress for me. Eating a whole bag of granola in response to that was not wise, but, at least I've stopped binge eating (like i was on fast food and onion rings and chinese food), and i've lost a little weight.

I am very grateful.

xoxox michelle joy


Debbie said...

Happy b-day!

mikelle said...

happy birthday lovely lady. wishing you a day full of celebrating YOU :)

Cosmic said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Love, love, love and abundant blessings toyou:)


Joshua Duncan said...

I love your openness! Blessings to you on staying strong in the face of rice. Your commitment to your own health will bring you to more and more joyful levels of being.

FoodFogGal said...

Great job! We drove three hours to Arnold's Way for Mother's Day and enjoyed a great raw lunch that I didn't have to prepare! What a treat! But, I can imagine working around food (even raw) all the time can trigger overeating... I lost 100 pounds about five years ago, but I still struggle sometimes with emotional eating, so I can totally relate. But, focusing on the quality of your food is great way to jumpstart a new mindset. Best of luck!