Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Upsetting Articles About Raw

Good morning,

It feels like a roller coaster ride with mom.

She's DOING far as staying on her raw diet, enjoying her food immensely, but since she's lost some weight on her already skinny frame, everyone is freaking out.

She even got an email today from a supposed friend who sent a story about a 120 lbs girl who ate raw and....ate herself down to 60 lbs. Gee, thanks for that frightfest email.

My mom said in response to this, however, chuckling,"Don't you think by the time she got down to 70 lbs she would have said, 'gee, this may not be working.'" So, my mother took it not really seriously. But i couldn't help as she was telling me this (she was in a shadow in the kitchen in the evening with many lights shut off) seeing truly how skinny she HAS gotten. You can see the bones of her face, her cheeks.

I made sure to give her extra avocado yesterday, but her appetite is small. She only finishes half or 3/4 of her salads and only finished half of her zucchini spaghetti, which she loved, but didn't finish. I wonder if i should push her to finish her plates. she does eat a considerable amount of dried fruit during the day, raisins, apricots, prunes. I wanted to let her self-guide, in a way, because maybe she NEEDS something in these foods. I don't know. I am not a nutritionist.

Anyway, my father is also freaking out about her losing weight. I try to be level headed. I say, "Dad, Think about it. If she was in the hospital on intravenous and then recouping at home from stomach surgery, wouldn't she be losing weight anyway, and be in WORSE SHAPE?"

NO one wants to see the DOWNSIDE of the surgery. They just see it as the magic pill. My father is so afraid about this non cancerous polyp in her stomach that has 10-15% chance of even TURNING cancerous, he wants it OUT. (I'm telling him it WILL leave...on it's own. And the tumors on her thyroid should shrink now that we're eating alkeline.)

I hear such stories at Arnolds Way about surgeries gone wrong. For instance, here's one. We'll call her Kate. Kate reported, "My mother had a breast removed and there was a gaping hole in her chest which turned into a blood filled balloon which popped open and now they have to pack her chest with towels."

Lovely. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Kate's mother can't eat raw now because she needs to take Cumadin. And apparently people who take Cumadin can't tolerate anything green. That's frightening. Kate reported, "I had previously put her on raw for a few weeks when i was there with her and she did SO well on it and felt so much better and healed so quickly, but as soon as i left and she went off, her healing stopped. The rate of her healing on raw...was astounding."

We should be GRATEFUL Mommy Ruthie is thriving so well on raw. So, she's a little thinner. Her hemmorhoid is vastly improved. Her bloodshot eyes are clear. Her constant urges to urinate are gone. Her stomach pains have been gone since day 2. She has now completed 3 weeks and is moving towards 4. Her constipation is gone. She poops 3x/day some days. ALL of these things...she really does not REALIZE. I constantly need to remind her. She's in DENIAL...big time. Wait until she goes back to how she was eating and realizes all of the symptoms she has again.

The only thing that has me really worried aside from the weight loss is her, well, pharmaceutical drug use. Mommy Ruth is really a pill popper. She takes sleeping pills if she can't sleep. She takes pain pills. What am i to do? I discourage her from pill use. I can't be with her 24 hours a day. It is her hand that reaches for pills. Who knows if all of the toxins from these are what the thyroid tumors are comprised of. I can only do my best and feed her well and try to educate her. She just loves pills.

She also received another email from her supposed friend alerting her to the warnings of malnutrition on raw. This has me very disturbed. Does this friend actually think i'm trying to KILL my mother???? My intentions are the best. Yes, the weight loss is a concern, but she's only lost maybe 3 lbs on raw. The rest she lost in the MONTHS before raw when she was in excrutiating pain from her standard american diet.

Does raw make one malnourished?


Actually, you know what i'll do? I'll send these emails with articles from "" to my catering partner, Susan, who is a Registered Nurse, and see what her response is.

You can also please respond. Please read these and let me know what you think.



xoxo michelle


Grantham Taylor Hughes said...

I was thinking of one main problem with raw veganism besides the negative attacks of false malnourishment, extreme weight loss, where does one get protein, etc., is that our society is not built for longevity. The idea of living to be 200 or more is preposterous to the general public who have been brainwashed this way. Still, what happens if a majority of people start looking good well past 100? That would be astonishing! And just by changing one's diet, viola!

Grantham Taylor Hughes said...

After thoroughly listening to commentary and reading many articles on orthorexia, we need a perspective here in which I believe I can provide. We must remember that licenced medical practitioners are part of a powerful entity and government lobby. They put real pressure on people to comply to their group. That is why I tell licenced medical professionals to rescind their licences getting out of that mind-set. It is like a cult of ignorance or the "we" thing. In the orthorexia commentaries and articles, a constant "we" factor and "normal" terms were used. I am not adverse to using such terms,but they were too conspicuous as major flaws in the interviews and articles.
One needs to comprehend what it is to be an individual and take diet, politics, spirituality on an individual basis.
I agree that extremes exist, but my life is based upon balance and equilibrium. I am not pushing my spiritual teaching here (it is free of charge), but the term "Akatha" means in higher Sanskrit language "equilibrium." To dignify people that would believe orthorexia being valid is foolish insofar as some masters of the far east are breathairian. Hence, food intake is not necessary for these people, but one must have certain knowledge in order to practice it.
One must remember that raw veganism is on the rise and foolish articles that have not bearing on anything like orthorexia (a made-up word) must be discarded. Allopaths are behind these things and wish not to damage their money making enterprise. That is one prime reason that I do not charge money for anything that I do nor take donations or contributions. Hence, that proves my motives to be pure whilst I cannot say that for those who speak the language of anarexia, othorexia, and further fear based language. The young girl in the TV interview went from one extreme to the next and now eats horrible breakfast cereals and the like. But remember, these latter are big companies that have major advertising in the marketplace and do not wish to stand down from their foolish positions believing their sad (standard American diet) to be valid.
I am 100% rew vegan and I have said many times that if I were to make any change in my diet, it would be to eliminate it into breathairianism. Again, that would be very extreme to western orthodox allopathic medicine. But sobeit, they are on their way out anyway in the next ten years or so, I guarantee it just based upon their lack of intelligence. The factor of being ignorant or unintelligent will cause these groups to turn their own ugly tide. No one wishes to be ignorant and then listening to reason will occur, not listening to a voiceless pocketbook.

Grantham Taylor Hughes said...

I like the article. However, my opinion is that 100% constitutes truly raw veganism and not 75% living foods.