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Tim Arnold 100+ lbs lighter talks about extending the lifespan with the raw vegan diet!

Say HELLO again to the skinny, svelte, fit and toned, handsome almost 60 year old Energy Force, Tim Arnold! Tim is a tremendous inspiration to so many. He's graciously offered to share more with us at 'pure raw joy' about what drives his total committment to raw veganism. Everyone please thank Tim, and enjoy this 2nd interview!

Tim, I touched on it last week, but tell me more about your business, family and educational background. Last week I mentioned that you work from home. I am a retired trust attorney having had a business with forty employees in the 90's. So, I am not a house husband or a home based business networker - no nonsense like this, albeit people don’t think these are so bad – they still have negative connotations. We say it does not matter, but people still cringe or react when hearing it. My family is the Bauer-Rothschilds. I have a Ph.D. in English common Law from a California university. My international banking business grew out of my expertise in trust law and I have consulted pro bono in that field since I retired five years ago (I am nearly sixty years old - July). At the same time, my banking business is pulling me into outside admin work again looking at opening offices shortly in a 20K square foot office space. Hence, the retirement is short-lived, being drawn back into the fray. That is okay because being 100% raw vegan (ORv) allows me the energy to do it!!

So, you're a very smart guy with a very impressive background!

ORv? I take it that stands for 100% Organic Raw Vegan.

I know you are a very prolific writer and very involved spiritually. Tell me more.
I’ve written 60 books so far, with one published, my spiritual intro book for AKATHA.

Where can people find out about AKATHA? The website is www.akatha.com. Keep in mind, we do not sell anything and do not take donations or contributions - everything is free. We do have a free introduction to AKATHA that meets at Arnold’s Way in Lansdale every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. We also have get-togethers in East Falls in Philadelphia, PA.

How do people react to you, being a raw vegan? I have social and professional credibility - I’m not some declared idiot touting wacky raw veganism, but sadly, yes, many people have this condescending attitude about it. However, I never directly hear much negativity about my diet, insofar as it is left in the thinking realms instead. I have many very professionally credible friends, top business associates including company CEO's, doctors, lawyers, international financiers, etc., many, in whom, I have influenced in becoming raw vegan.

That’s fantastic! You certainly do believe very strongly in raw veganism and never turn from discussing it, one of the things i love so much about you. It’s wonderful to have influenced so many!

I know the idea of immortality is something I have heard you talk about frequently. Can you expound on that for us?
My firm belief exists that raw veganism makes one virtually immortal (let’s call it ‘virimmortal’) and a very important topic to discuss. The "virtual" part qualifies the word “immortal” in being "almost" and that no one can live forever physically in my opinion.

The book Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spaulding in the earlier part of the twentieth century made claims of eternal life in the physical body. I strongly disagree. My opinion is that at some point either nature or the Supreme Deity, depending whether one is atheist or theist respectively, destroys the physical world.

I consider this factor a physical matter, like the raw food diet, and not a spiritual one. Thus, no physical bodies exist then and throws-out the idea of living forever physically.

So, if we can't live forever physically, talk more about this idea of virtual immortality or ‘virimmortalism’ for us. ‘Virimmortalism’ is a long time (not forever, mind you) and, of course, not necessarily the three score and ten we are subjected to here in the west. That means we can live perhaps hundreds of years, not unlike Methuselah of Old Testament lore.

Wow! Hundreds of years! Talk about the role of diet in living longer. To me, diet has nothing to do with religion, politics, philosophy, etc. It is a diet that has extenuating circumstances, of course, in other affairs of our life. Whereby, we need again keeping a perspective here taking first things first. Let us talk about diet and stay on the subject.

What can the diet do for us is an obvious, regarding a healthy longer life in what we have been taught here in the western world.

What is the motivation for living longer? What is the motivation for living longer if the subject is diet only? My opinion remains if we leave the other subjects out of the picture initially, the long life will help in gaining knowledge that we need of other subjects when trying to get our physical lives in order. If we die at 70, what is the point? That means I only have about ten years left. I can’t get anything done.

So, if we live longer, we can certainly get alot accomplished! I always wanted to be a great pianist or perhaps play the violin. But we know that these things take years to become competent. Many say I have a professional quality singing voice, but to refine these skills, again, takes time. That old saying is “Jack of all trades and master of none” to me should be as a raw vegan “jack of all trades and master of all” when one has time.

Okay, so having more time as raw vegans sounds great! In that funny movie “Multiplicity,” they cited the same idea of getting more time, but through cloning.

I’m not sure many raw vegans give much time to thinking about cloning. That is another sensitive subject, but I agree is important in getting us some help for menial tasks.

Hmm. Since we as humans are the slaves now, why not create clones to help instead? Sorry for digressing, but sometimes it is important for stimulating ideas regarding reasons for maintaining the ORv lifestyle. If we have help, we can spend the time in creative arts to perfect them or in any endeavor.

Okay, I don't know anything about the ramifications of cloning or how ethical it is, but it would certainly allow us to get more done, if our clones were doing the dishes and vacuming, while we were pursuing the arts until we're 200!! To me, it [being a raw vegan] becomes an issue not to live in the death system we have today, but in a life system instead.

So cooked food is a death system because it doesn't allow us to elongate our lives? And raw veganism, or ORv as you call it, is a life system because it allows us to possibly live much, much longer? I think the latter [raw vegan life system] makes sense and I am sure once one reflects upon a life system, instead of a death system, the former is obviously more acceptable. Eating the cooked food, no matter how much, is part of the death system. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

How has obesity impacted our life expectancy? Our western society is not set-up for people living two or three hundred years or more, aforesaid, about 70, if that, since 65% of Americans are obese now.

People are obviously getting alot fatter. In the 1950’s, if one was twenty pounds overweight, they were considered obese. The movie “Fatso” in 1981 with Dom Delouise showed a man who would be considered chubby or stocky now, but surely not like the extremely obese people walking about now. When I was 280 (my picture last week), I was no 4X4, but still obese.

How did you get fat? For me it just crept-up on me, but that is the nature of the cooked food battle.

What do you mean by the cooked food battle? I do not battle any longer in the ORv life system, whilst the SAD cooked food death system to me is horrible and irresponsible! I was the latter for 57 years and truly apologize for my idiocy.

So, in your opinion, people should not eat any cooked food? People should own up to this [SAD cooked food death system], and admit it, too, and then be intelligent enough to turn to ORv. Most say they need to change gradually, or transition to it, but especially, if one is over 50, they take great risks in being mamby pamby.

So, cooked food and raw food are very black and white for you? Simply, it is a matter of life and death. You make the choice.

Talk more about 'virimmortalism', since that seems to be paramount to you in your committment to stay a raw vegan. As I intimated last week, if one does not have a strong life force, insofar as our society puts such a limitation on it nearly splitting it in half (according to Rig Veda text of the far east) (I spent time in India learning to read higher Sanskrit), the ORv lifestyle means nothing. One might as well eat at McDonald’s everyday if it does not matter. Why do people bother with attempting ORv unless a reason exists? I think the ‘virimmortal' factor is the real reason. We know it, and simply changing the diet is really easy when considering the great result of ‘virimmortalism’.

What is that great result? Now we have time with ORv.

Having more time certainly appeals to me! As a 42 year old woman, one of the reasons raw appealed to me was that it would elongate my period of fertility. I was told it was possible to bear children well into the 50's and even possibly the 60's if I stayed raw. So, if i still want to have a child by birth, I might now still have a chance as a raw foodist.

However, for the last 6 months, i was eating cooked food, alot of it REALLY toxic fried processed stuff, so i don’t know what impact that will have on me entering into menopause sooner, but I certainly hope returning to raw, as i have, will delay menopause!

And, as an opera singer in a youth obsessed culture and artform, singing well late into my 50's and even 60's or longer, would mean that there would STILL be a chance for a viable professional career for me. It would be gratifying to participate in breaking AGE-ISM barriers in the opera world, as a raw vegan!

Speaking of time...unfortunately, we've run out for this interview!

So, thank you, dear Tim, for your thought-provoking ideas! You certainly are an original thinker! I cannot thank you enough for your influence. Though I may not agree or understand your perspective always, you have nevertheless been a terrific influence on me. Your labelling cooked food as “poison” and a “death system” doesn't intellectually always make sense to me. (For example, lightly steamed veggies still retain enzymes and nutrition), but emotionally and spiritually, this concept is a tremendously powerful tool that is helping me enormously to overcome my sometimes tremendous cravings for cooked food. To draw that line in the sand is necessary for some of us.

I'd like to explore more with you that cooked food 'death system' concept. I want to talk more about enzymes next week as it is a paramount study regarding ORv!

OKAY! I know we are all looking forward to it!!! Blessings to you, dear Tim, and to your beautiful wife, Leslie!

xoxo michelle joy

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