Friday, March 26, 2010

Diatomaceous Earth

Okay, so i've been taking this stuff for like more than a week i think, maybe two weeks. Once a night. It looks like white ground up dirt and mixes easily with water. It has no taste when you drink it. It hasn't been unpleasant in the least.

Two customers at Arnolds Way HIGHLY recommended it. One, Chloe, swears by it. Her hair is actually turning back to BLACK since taking it. And another customer takes the food grade Diatomaceous earth she bought for her pets, and everytime i see her she beams, "I just LOVE it!"

I bought a brand called, "TOXICLEANSE" that i found at Holly Hills outside of Lansdale, PA, on Rt. 63.

Chloe had given me this giant write up about the amazing benefits of D.E. (for short, it's too long to write out each time.). This REALLY convinced me. I'll have to dig that out and write some about it. I assumed i could easily find something good online about it, but i wasn't able to find much on a search just now, except for stuff that scared me. This wikipedia article doesn't say ANYTHING about human consumption.

This article just freaked me out:

I started my mom on it last night, as the write up from Chloe says it will remove polyps from the colon, which is what my mother has. Apparently D.E. is ground up rocks or something and it is almost as hard as diamonds originally and it goes through the colon and bowel like a sweeper and sweeps it clean. Sounds good, no?

I can tell you one thing. I think it is without a doubt bringing up a lot of mucous in me. I've been sick for, what, two weeks, and it's STILL hanging on, which is making me think this is more of a DETOX EPISODE. Lots and lots of yellow mucous is STILL coming up from my chest. And i dare say, i think the D.E. is helping to bring it all up. You'll remember all of those blog entries admitting to real cheese pizza binges and lots of fried food.'s cleaning me OUT!!!

Anybody out there taking it? Any one have any good online articles for it?

I started taking it myself FIRST to see if i would have any horrid side effects before giving it to my mother.

Poor thing, she is STILL hangin' in there, doing great, looking good but skinny, eating raw nearly 4 weeks(except last night i finally made her steamed sweet potato on Arnold's advice. this will help her to gain weight, he said. i should also get her fresh durian and fresh coconut). mom and i meet in the unlit hallway by my bedroom here sometimes for little intimate chats. Last night she was scared again, "I can't do this forever," she cries. I comfort her, "Mom, can you do it for TOMORROW??????" "I can," she agrees.

She cried last night, "I don't WANT to have surgery!!!!"

That was music to my ears.

"But," she asked, "How will i KNOW if the polyp and the tumors are gone...just from the diet?"

We talked about the Acid/Alkeline concept and how cancer can't live in an alkeline environment.

I replied, "Mom, You don't. You don't. You just TRUST."

She gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved me. I love her, too. That's why i want her to be WELL, not just get some body parts cut out to get sick again with something AFTER THAT.

"This way," I explain, "You WONT get sick again!"

xoxo michelle joy


Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog for about a year and look forward to it each and every day. but anyway. i started taking D.E. about a week [or so?] ago and feel great on it. my diet has been worse than usual [thanks, stress!] but i've still lost about 5 pounds this past week and i'm positive it's from the D.E. just moving all the crud out of my body!

you mentioned feeling very mucous-y and i'll agree with that, i know i'm not sick but i keep coughing up huge amounts of phlegm! and i've been feeling very detox-ish as far as temperature [hot flashes but it's not like a hormonal one] and headaches/unwarranted exhaustion, etc.

D.E. is supposed to clean one's colon more thoroughly [and less expensively] than having a colonic but i read a lot about people who felt "stopped up" for the first week or so of taking it. i'm not sure if they're raw but after my glass of D.E. i always drink a glass of water mixed with psyllium husks to help move things along, if you will.

anyway. you really are an inspiration. so keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Diatomaceous Earth is 8.0 alkaline! And no, cancer can not live in an alkaline body. See the creator knew what he was doing. As our bodies ph level needs to be at 7.0 or higher to fight off anything negative. 7 is the heavenly number, is it not? Everything connects. Also look at the Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 diet. We were ALL, always supposed to eat this way. Please be aware that meat eating was a learned practice. Your taste buds were trained at a young age. IT CAN BE BROKEN! Besides, why eat the "clean" animals who have the vegetarian diet, when you can just eat better then their diet by incorporating your own vegetarian diet? I mean that makes sense does it not? But follow YOUNG AND RAW if you have facebook. There are literally TONS of awesome vegetarian and vegan dishes. Genesis 1:29 says our food comes from trees and the ground and will be bearing seeds right? (Go organic or use Apple Cidar Vinegar to rid pesticides)
Red Foods:
Trees: cherries, apples, cranberries, papaya, pomegranate
Plants: tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries
Herbs: beets, rhubarb, radishes
Orange Foods:
Trees: oranges, grapefruit, peaches
Plants: pumpkin, squash
Herbs: carrots, sweet potatoes, yams
Yellow Foods:
Trees: lemons, pears, apricots, grapefruit
Plants: corn, Squash, wheat, cantaloupe
Herbs: rutabagas
vitamin C
Green Foods:
Trees: avocados, olives, pears, lime
Plants: cucumbers, peas, green beans, zucchini
Herbs: broccoli, asparagus, greens, spinach, brussels sprouts, kale, celery, green onions
Blue Foods:
Plants: blueberries, blackberries, mulberries
White Foods:
Trees: coconut, dates, pears, nuts
Plants: white beans, oats
Herbs: onions, cauliflower, garlic, horseradish, potatoes, turnips, mushrooms, parsnips, shallots, ginger
Purple Foods:
Trees: plumbs, prunes, figs
Plants: grapes, blackberries, elderberries
Herbs: beets, eggplants, cabbage

I looked at it like this. A lifetime of eating poorly and catering to the tastebuds (which was honestly the parasites craving the bad stuff for me and not my actual tastebuds) got me nowhere but surgery chemotherapy and radiation. Got me sick. Diatomaceous Earth has been pulling the radiation from my system. It has anegative charge the bacteria, viruses, molds, have a positive charge, and are sucked right into thier honeycomb skeleton where as the sharp glass like outer shell cuts up parasites. Scrubs the colon and intestinal walls. Replacing all that with the much needed minerals I never get. These were once present in our soil and would benefit people who used to plant gardens. Now is no longer available in the soil. But this wonderful little powder has helped me so much. Look into juicing. Use nutrabullet. Making smoothies. (for anything that you can not eat becasue you do not like it no matter how hard you try, they can be masked in certain smoothie recipes) And making changes with the grains you eat. Millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, ezekiel bread, are all awesome in fighting candida and parasites. When buying pasta look for these grains, or even black bean pastas, or julienne a zucchini for your own home made "noodles". There is an endless supply of choices. The darkness made it a point to depleat the foods we know today of all nutrients and added in carcinogens. All they care about is your soul. And a higher percentage of you dying in a lost state and they get that soul. Take it back. Repent. Try your best to be better than you were the day before. And change the diet. If man made it...stay away from it. If God made it. Kayte Larsen

'Pure Raw Joy'! HELLO TO ALL! said...

Thanks so much for these comments. I haven't taken D. E. in quite some time...this is a pretty old blog post. I appreciate all of the encouragement to eat the Genesis diet, all or mostly raw, and all of the specific info on fruits and veggies. Grateful to you. It's been such a journey. Thank God, I no longer binge eat since reading Brain Over Binge by Katherine Hansen. But to heal my brain I needed to legalize all foods. Now that the behavior issue is gone, I should work more on cleaning up my diet, thank you. We do eat mostly vegan, but it could be stricter and "cleaner." We'll still eat only a bit of dairy from time to time, as well as fish, a few times a year. When I fell of of raw vegan after 3.5 years raw, I'd gained 120 lbs back from the 175 i'd lost. Just stopping binge eating, I've lost about 30 or 40 again. 75 or so total. But it would behoove me to keep my diet more clean and veggie / fruit oriented. The starches are an issue. We do still eat white breads and pastas and pretzels and such. I agree, Quinoa and better quality whole grains would be ideal. I do appreciate the encouragement and feedback. Michelle / If you'd like to correspond, i'd love it, please email me.