Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom - One Week On Raw - No More Pain, Cravings, and The Emotional Process

Morning, Folks,

Mom's doing GREAT. Her stomach pains, which were excrutiating for 3.5 months are now GONE in ONE WEEK on the raw diet. Gone is the nausia. Gone are the intense stomach pains, gas, constipation. She pooped 3x yesterday. A world record for my mommy. Gone is food coming up on her. Gone. Gone. Gone.

For half of a month before i moved in, she had changed her diet to her best ability by eliminating all meat and chicken, simply because she could NOT digest them with her obstructed bowel. She was doubled over in pain, and finally got the message. Whatever makes you hurt, don't eat it.

Why was she in so much pain from meat? The doctors say scar tissue or fibroid tumor fibers are blocking her intestines and elimination "channels." They didn't tell her to stop eating meat, i did.

She was able to tolerate fish, of course i didn't bless that, but she just didn't GET it about what i told her to eat, and dairy gave her very bad pain, but she still ate it, even though EVERY time she was doubled over in pain from a peice of dairy kugel or cheesecake, i about blew my top with her. "Did you eat fruit today? Eat fruit today!" She also ate a lot of other crap: mostly bread, toast, cookies, cake, and was still in considerable pain before i moved in, and before going raw. What kind of nutrition do you think she was getting from cake and cookies????? And she was STILL in pain.

She is now a different person. "Did the obstruction leave? How come i feel so much better now?," my mom asked me. I'm not a dr, but my best guess is that, no, it did leave, but the raw diet is 1) anti-inflammatory, so whatever inflamed tissues were there are hopefully decreasing in inflammation, and 2) the raw diet is the easiest to digest. Fruit digests in 30 mins and veggies quickly. 3) with raw, one eats alot of ground up food as in smoothies, making it easy to slip through those blocked channels. I don't think the obstruction left YET, but my hope is, it WILL. 4) raw is high fiber and may actually open up blocked channels, i would think.

Now, they're all gone, all of her stomach pains.

She seems VERY committed to this diet.

~ ~ ~

However, cravings have begun to become an issue.

We were shopping yesterday. Everything looked good to her. I felt guilt-ridden to taking her pleasurable foods away. "I'm so sorry, mom." I felt so sorry for her. She looked pathetic. "I could eat this entire raisin bread," she said, and she was in real emotional pain. I mean, giving up food is for real. It is real pain. Real withdrawals. Emotionally AND physically.

And when i made soup for my dad and Cliff, she smelled it and said, "i'm sorry i smelled that. i really want some." i hugged her. "I know, mom, i do, too. it'll pass."

I tell you, being here is a fulltime job. It's frustrating and stressful and painful, like at the market, i really felt bad for her. And then we drank smoothies in the car and she said, "good," at her first taste. But i know raisin bread tastes so much better, but, i keep calming her, 'it's only temporary, mom.'

it's better to calm her now and placate her. my hope is that she will realize raw is so great, she'll WANT to stick with it. or even mostly raw.

All in all, it's gratifying to be here, but, yesterday with all of the reports of cravings, "i really want that raisin bread," she admitted, about 12 times, i didn't know how she'd make it through the day, how i'd make it through the day.

But, as soon as i made her a delicious raw meal, she forgot about it. And so did i. And the energy changed. completely. emotionally, she was back to being happy about raw. she made it over the hump. God, it's amazing to WATCH. What a process.

THAT''S HOW IT GOES! The same for me! Once you eat a yummy raw meal, the cravings really leave. And once you say "NO" to a craving, you're glad for it and excited about what you're doing again and grateful you stayed on track.

"You'll have to teach me how to do this!" she says alot, after she ooohs and ahhhs after raw chocolate/banana/hemp icecream over strawberries. Soon i'll have her watching me more when i prepare stuff, and then i'll have her preparing food. she admits it would be too overwhelming now. she's getting familiar with the new tastes and the new products.

~ ~ ~

Yes, raw IS a tremendous sacrifice. But, one must WEIGH the benefits against the DRAWBACKS.

"i can never go out to eat again." she moped.

I tell you, it's back and forth like this all day.

But then at dinner, when she was loving her salad, she exclaimed from out of nowhere, "if we go out, i can get a salad and some fruit!" Wow. Bravo, Ruthie. She was now kind of coming to terms with something i've said to her over and over.

Heck, if I can do it? She can.

THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER. And it will be for you, too. You just gotta HANG in there!!!! As they are for mom, the benefits of raw outweigh the drawbacks. At least i hope each day as we do this proves that to her, that God will deliver nothing more than we can handle. Amen, to that.

~ ~ ~ ~

We've pared the 3-month deal back to a month. Mom will stay on the diet for a month. Cliff and i will live here for a month. And we'll get her on her feet. She seems to be able to cope with that 1 month deadline better than 3. She still wants the polyp removal surgery.

She had a visit with the lung dr yesterday and informed him of her diet and that she was holding off on surgery, a month. It actually went okay. He wasn't a bully. I was worried about that. He said, "okay," and made sure his notes stated she was healthy enough for a surgery for six months. Thank you, dr.

She spoke with her gastro doctor on the phone, the one who told her she'd feel WORSE on this diet, and told him of her new diet, "dr, you're going to think i'm crazy, daughter went to this retreat...and she put me on this diet....", and that her pains were gone, and, miraculously, he blessed it, too. Both drs said she still needs the surgery though. We're just buying time here. ONE DAY AT A TIME. So far, everyone so far is not giving her too much flack, even people from her development, and friends.

Maybe the idea of raw and of changing your diet as an alternative is catching on?

I'm BEYOND glad i'm here. I think this is going to work. It's PRECIOUS time with my beloved mother. (I adore her, but she drives me nuts, too. Doesn't every mom????)

~ ~ ~

Wo, get this. Mom discovered some old medical reports from 2006 stating that she had tumor on her thyroid way back in 2006!!!!!

So all of this about her apparently NOT NEW! But NO one ever told her!

Until her PETScan showed something was 'active' molecularly or cellularly in her thyroid, SHE never knew.

I worry, i really do, because they say the tumors in her thyroid are "questionable" and "possibly malignant," but my INTUITION says she is FINE and that the in-thing to do is to take out the thyroid. I awoke this morning thinking i was possibly killing my mother because it IS possible she has cancer in her thyroid. But we'll never know. At least not now. According to the dr, the ONLY way to find out, is to CUT the damn thing completely OUT first. She is adamant she does not want her thyroid out, so...the raw diet it is.

The question is: what KIND of a raw diet? I am really trying my best here to be a healer, but i DO make things tasty for mom. I use garlic, i use onions, i use celtic salt, i use teensy bits of olive oil, i use bananas freely, i use agave. All "irritants" possibly....if someone is SERIOUSLY ill.

My intution really says that mom is FINE. And that these freakin' doctors will scare the shit out of you and cut you up and put you on synthetic hormones for the rest of your life...without blinking an eye. Even IF the thyroid is NOT CANCEROUS!!!

As for the polyp in her stomach, which has a 10-15% chance of being cancerous, she's now made peace with the fact that we're doing the diet for a month and then IF she wants to get it out, she can.

Get this: the freakin' thing might POSSIBLY be GONE in a month, especially if i start her on the diatomaceous earth which sweeps the colon better than colonics from what i understand.

Do you think the dr will tell her they found NOTHING when they cut her open?????

I really mean it when i say it: pray for us. pray for mom. pray for me.

how are you??? i long to hear from people. say HI please and tell of your journey.

"Oh I am SOOOOO EXCITED about your mom’s tummy feeling better! This is SUCH awesome news. I congratulate her on doing what it takes to get better!! To Mom: Keep up the good work Ruthie and trust that those back pains will subside with time – even if it takes a while. Your body has lots of meds stored up there to get rid of and lots of healing to do. Give it time. I applaud you!" Susan Aman

xoxo michelle joy

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