Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old 5x Clothes Find a Home!!!!

Hi folks,

Man, i'm just beaming ear to ear!!! I just received the most wonderful emails.

We'd been doing spring cleaning and i had all of my old 5x clothing in storage. They fit me when i was 150 lbs heavier and thank GOD didn't fit me anymore, so i wanted to find a home for them.

I normally donate clothes to Salvation Army, but being 5x, i figured that was kind of a specialty. How many Supersize women do you see shopping out at the Salvation Army?? I even tried to give them to my friend who owns a consignment shop, but she didn't want them, since the highest she will take is 3x!!! So, I was going to donate them to a friend who runs an exercise class for supersize women, but then i got an email note!

I had put an ad on Craigslist selling the clothes. I had spent oodles of dollars on those expensive supersize clothes and wondered if i might be able to get some of it back in return for the clothes. They were gorgeous, by the way. No matter what size, i was a hot babe, always dressed nicely. No one responded to the ad for weeks...and my friend with the supersize exercise class agreed to take them, that they would certainly find a home with her clientle....and then all of a sudden i received a note from a woman in California, whose disabled 4x/5x sister who lives in Jersey City, NJ could really use the clothes and she wanted to buy 30 peices of what I had...for her sister! Skirts, shirts, jumpers...

That was such a blessing! A person in need, meeting another person in need. The money would help tremendously.

My mom and I ironed everything and shipped off a big box of beautiful clothing to Catherine in Jersey City, NJ last Wednesday and we've been dying to hear, and finally today i did!!

I really feel blessed, especially since Catherine is disabled and the clothes are so very appreciated by her and her sister. What a good sister Catherine has to buy clothes for her...all the way from California!!!

I'm thrilled they want to buy more...because i do have some more things, and not working these two weeks, i could really use the money!!!

And Catherine will receive more beautiful things!!! My weight loss has not only benefitted me...but a lovely lady in Jersey City, NJ!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I was with my sister, Catherine this weekend, and she is just thrilled with the clothes! She showed me every piece. She has had a difficult life and never owned such beautiful things. We are both so happy to have found you!

Bless you,

~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Michelle Schulman,

Thank you so much for the big box of outfits. Everything is lovely and it's all in great shape. You really packed it well and it isn't even wrinkled. I love all the prints and fabrics and i'm sure everything will fit. It's really great to have some new clothes for work. I have a new boss so nice clothes are a must now.

That was a fair price for so many beautiful outfits. Do you have any other things you would like to sell? I could use some summer stuff like short sleeve tshirts, tank tops or skirts.

I can't wear pants because nerve damage in my legs makes them too painful. I do wear loose shorts though. I'm usually a 4 or 5x. I can wear the 26/28 tshirts from places like Avenue or Lane Bryant.

Blessings, Catherine Miller

~ ~ ~ ~

xoxo michelle joy

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