Sunday, March 28, 2010

RAW CATERING...Some want it...some don't...


Today I'm headed to SUSAN AMAN'S house, yay, for a business meeting! Susan is a living foodist, educator, fitness trainer, and Registered Nurse, AND my catering partner, and we have TWO big raw catering jobs coming up in May! One is a 'sustainable living' dinner in Chestnut Hill, PA, where all of the plates/utensils will be bio-degradable, and the theme will be 'Baccanalean/Garden of Eden'. The second event is a graduation party in Swarthmore, PA. Wish us luck!!!

From great dissappointing news. My mom is apparently running out of steam on raw. Last night she said, "I don't know how much longer i can do this."

I noticed a box of Passover cookies a dear friend of ours sent her on the counter near her chair. "Mom, why is the box sitting there, next to YOUR chair? Because you want to eat them?," I asked.

"Yes, yes, i do," she answered.

She keeps reminding me we agreed to do a month raw. "Remember we said a month?"

I suppose almost 4 weeks is a month in her book.

Honestly, i think this all has something to do with Passover approaching. I think she's jonesing for those cookies and for Matzoh with butter and fried matzoh. It occurs to me that cultural jewish all off limits as a raw foodist. Being a raw foodist kind of strips you clean of all culture...of all religion...of judaism.

But, as i write this, i can't help feeling filled with fear. If my mother goes back to eating "normally," her "normally," what will happen to her 'questionable' thyroid tumors and her stomach polyp (if it's still there....), and will her pain return???

I've discussed with my mom, often, foods i thought would be healthy for her if she wanted to eat cooked - steamed veggies, steamed potatoes, brown rice, perhaps beans.

Cookies weren't really a consideration. I don't think white flour and sugar are good for cancer.

Frankly, i'm dissappointed. And saddened. And i'm fearful. I don't know what will happen with mom's health. I don't know if she will opt for surgery. What will happen if Cliff and I leave..and go back home. Will she actually make and drink green smoothies still for breakfast? Or revert to her cookie and cake based diet?

Pray for us!

xxoox michelle joy

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