Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VIP Raw Menu! Gourmet Treats in control!

Good morning, Good morning, Good morning!

How are you all today??? I am back home after a 2 day planning session with Susan, my catering partner. As you know, we're getting ready to cater Michael Beckwith's VIP party when he speaks here in Philadelphia on Sept 18th. Let me know if you'd like to come! LaSoprana@aol.com

We finalized ALL of our recipes except for the iced tea we are going to make. Other than that, i think we know, pretty much, exactly what we need to do to feed 100 or more folks! It was a lot of work, but worth it! Better to figure it all out now than struggle later!

We are making for the raw VIP party:

*Iced minted tea with orange slices

*Soutwestern Gaspacho
*Mini Pesto Pizzas
*3 Herb Stuffed Mushrooms
*'Tuna' Celery Boats
*Orange Thai Broccoli Salad
*Rainbow Cabbage Rolls with Creamy Ginger Garlic Dip
*Crisp Crudite with Tri-Color Hummus (lemon, basil/parsley and spicy red pepper)
*Garlic Black Bean Salad with wild rice and crisp veggies (not raw)

*Baklava Stuffed Dates (stuffed with pistachio, walnut, honey and cinnamon)
*Cashew Cream filled Dates
*Key Lime Pudding
*Chocolate Bliss Balls
*Strawberries dipped in warm cacao syrup

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since we made several of the items in our planning session to finalize recipes, i ended up indulging in salt and more fat than i have been over the last week and a half. I figured, 'this is BUSINESS, not pleasure, and want things to taste right.' So. So. So, i did. I did not go overboard. I kept it under control pretty much.

Still no yeast infection, thank god, but my weight in up 3 lbs to 255 from the salt.

I actually don't feel too badly this morning. My lips are not parched, i'm not dying of thirst. I must not have done too badly. I had 'tastes' instead of meals, and where i could, i had no salt at all. Okay, this is progress!

In the company of good friends, being jolly and enjoying and savoring, THIS is the way to enjoy gourmet raw. Alone, binging on 3 bags of Brads Chips in front of the TV? Or at work when i'm stressed??? It's kind of....demeaning to the food. Raw Gourmet food is so special, it deserves our respect!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My last opera rehearsal is tonight and the performance is on Sunday. Wish me luck. I've been too busy to practice much, but the next days will be dedicated to memorizing the opera for Sunday. And here and there, where i can, i've been working on it.

At least I'm CALM and much more relaxed since i stopped bingeing on gourmet!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The gourmet i had at Susan's didn't really seem to inflame my desires too badly. INTERESTING! Maybe in small quantities, i can 'handle' it, but in larger quantities, no. And perhaps enjoying it with OTHERS makes a difference. Angela Stokes doesn't go out to raw restaurants alone, i don't think. When she does, they seem to be special occasions.

Maybe we WILL figure this thing out together!!!!

xoxoxo michelle joy


debra said...

Just surfed on to your site from another site. I am glad I did. WOW most impress with your weight loss. You must feel like a whole new person. I have been raw now for 39 days and loving it!
your menu looks delicious I am sure all will enjoy.
Continued success.

katie said...


I wish I could come!