Sunday, September 13, 2009

Images from Don Giovanni...Prepping for Beckwith...Carlene Jones

Donna Anna & Don Ottavio

Donna Elvira, Donna Anna & Don Ottavio

Don Ottavio, Donna Anna & the peasant girl

The Commendatore, Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Massetto

The peasant girl, Donna Anna, Zerlina and Don Giovanni in the back

Donna Anna posing for pics!

This picture makes me feel like a blue...and brown!

I want to borrow my costume for the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire!

Smiling for my honey, snapping the pic!

Sometimes life as a raw foodist is just that, life! An opera performance and a raw meal was my life yesterday :-) Yesterday's performance and subsequent dinner out...was a delight. As for the opera, I sang well, but missed one important line, oh well! After the opera, my honey Cliff and I were so starving, we headed over to Arnolds Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe, where i work, which was 10 minutes away from where the opera played, for a wonderful meal of "Cheezeburger", cucumber lemonade, Chocolate pie and chocolate balls i made called 'Bliss Balls'. Arnold was excited to see us and excited for how the performance went and the food tasted marvelous. Nothing tastes as good as gourmet raw when you're hungry. Performing in Lansdale and having the added benefit of being nearby to a fabulous raw meal was just...perfection. What a topper for an already exciting day.

The cast:
Don Giovanni - Ralph Tudisco
Donna Anna - me
Donna Elvira - Eve Edwards, my friend featured in a blog post here not too long ago
Masetto - Jeff Edwards, Eve's husband
Don Ottavio - Michael Yasenchock
Zerlina - Heather Fetrow
Commendatore - Paul Sofian
Peasant girl - Jessica Cohn

Cliff and I were happy to see Jeff and Eve, and i was so happy to sing with them. Eve has the most wonderful voice and high notes that rival Joan Sutherland. You remember them from a previous blog. Eve is a huge natural food person. She only buys raw milk, grassfed organic meats and organic produce. Never anything processed. She told me about an organic orchard that sells raw milk, good meats and organic produce about 40 minutes away from us.

Cliff and I finally got there on Saturday and bought raw milk and good organic grass fed no steoid no hormone meats and lovely produce. Cliff eats cooked food so i might as well cook something good for him if he's going to eat it. They even had ketchup there made with better ingredients. Regular ketchup has corn syrup which is so bad for you. Unfortunately, it turns out, this orchard, Willow Creek Orchard, is closing, for good. I have to return my milk bottles before Sept. 25 when they close forever. It's awful. We just find it....and whooosh. We'll have to find another supplier for raw milk and good organic grassfed meats.

The weight loss and raw 'dieting' has not been doing that great, but i plan to jump back on track after the Michael Beckwith event this Friday. A few pounds gained seems like nothing in light of all i have going on. I know that weight gain for me is salt related and results from too much fat, too many dehydrated raw foods, and overeating. Becoming a raw foodist was step ONE in overcoming my food issues. The next phase will be phase TWO. Taking it to the next level. I've lost a persons worth in weight. But i still have 100 lbs more to lose.

A raw program i was on previously is now offering courses in how to be more moderate with raw food. It was a strict 80-10-10 program designed for ultra quick weight loss, but difficult to stay on. I will be joining an upcoming program to help me learn how to stop overeating gourmet raw. I just can't keep going on like this. It's great i've lost so much weight, it's been like getting a gastric bypass without the gastric bypass...but, i'd like to resolve my eating issues and lose more. I'm going to be joining this program. Would you like to join me? Carlene is actually starting a new session this Thursday, but i will be too busy with prepping for the Beckwith event to dedicate the time needed. She usually has lots of writing assignments. I'll catch the next one in October. It'll be here before you know it!

This week we'll be preparing the food for the Beckwith event, and today my catering partner, Susan, and I are going shopping for all that we need. We need to feed 175 people! And we'll start making the raw desserts tonight: chocolate balls and stuffed dates.

xoxoxo michelle joy

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