Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pure Raw Joy Self Control!

Mornin' Ladies!!!

Oh, it's a glorious mornin'!!! Another pure raw joy morning! I weighed myself this morning and am thrilled to weigh 257 1/4. What is a 9 lbs loss in 3 days?

Believe me, it's not ME. It's juicing. I'm convinced. (And eating low fat, no salt).

Juicing is so great. (Thank you, Meredith!) My friend Meredith and her hubby Dustin have been juicing daily for forever.

I finally got my juicer down to the kitchen down here, and since i had so much leftover veggies from the Beckwith event, juicing it has become. I've made juice for the last 2 or 3 days...i can't even remember...and drink whatever i juice (alot) all morning until i get hungry for something solid.

Sleep change: This morning i slept until 10:30a.m. and went to bed about the same time. I am in a detox. When we detox, it can feel like the flu sometimes, wanting to sleep alot. It's the body cleaning out and using the opportunity of lighter food to start cleansing the innards. It's probably my liver cleansing. Overeating fat and overburdening my liver with ultra fatty foods in big amounts all not good. My poor liver! But i think it's happy now :-)))

Juicing is so great because it's 100% nutrition with barely any calories. On regular raw days, I usually drink a big shake for breakfast or eat 10 peices of raw living bread when i'm doing poorly. So in juicing, i'm saving all of those calories, like 1000 i'd venture to guess.

And juice is pure alkelinity. Flooding the system with alkeline fluid.

The rest of the day i remained low fat and almost completely salt free. I'm so pleased with my newfound self control. It is such a blessing.

I had one meal yesterday that filled me with such an amazing amount of joy, i felt like bursting. I discovered that for ME it was the ideal pure raw joy meal. Lower in fat than gourmet binge food and almost zero salt, it was the ideal way to add a yummy AND healthy meal to balance my diet and not make me feel deprived. Having daily meals like this will stop the binge eating. I'll just be living. God, i want to cry!!! The rest of the day was either veggie juice or fruit.

Dinner was hard, because i was tempted by what i had eaten for lunch. But something in me said, "SAVE THAT ONE NUT MEAL FOR LUNCH. ONLY ONE PER DAY." Besides, nuts at night are NOT good for reflux.

The problem with nuts is, when i eat them, i want nuts.

BUT....i didn't give in...i felt i WANTED TO REALLY BADLY...but i didn't. And as soon as i had my banana soup dinner...the craving for nuts was gone...i felt satisfied, and i felt FREE.

Living in pure raw joy by having a little nuts and little something yummy, like my lunch, will be challenging in this way, i will suffer some cravings, but it is worth it. It's the balance i am seeking.

This is actually a cool model: juice for breakfast, yummy moderation for lunch, fat free salt free again for dinner and all snacks. I lost another like 3 lbs in just a day doing this.

I know the super fast weight loss will not continue like this. This is just a water loss (since i usually retain so much fluid from eating salt which i have been having a lot of) and dehydrated items, which obviously stay in my system much longer than they should, since i overload on them!

Anyway, here's what i ate yesterday:

Food/Activity - Sunday, Sept 27, 2009

Br: 6 cups of fresh juice, drank over several hours: broccoli, mixed greens, 2 green apple, entire head celery, 1 large red pepper, 1 lime, ginger

Sn: 2 large banana whips from Arnolds Way with cacao and maca in each - was STARVING!

Sn: 3 bananas in car...that's all i had!

LUNCH: an utterly and completely "pure raw joy" lunch: "Curry Kelp Noodle Salad" - 1/2 bag mixed greens, 1 bag raw kelp noodles. Dressing: several Tbsp. of pistachio cream with ginger, garlic, garam masala, hot madras curry powder, chili powder. Also on salad: 1/2 juiced lemon, 1tsp cider vinegar, 1 tsp agave and 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast.

UNREAL! Barely any salt. No olive oil. DELISH!!! And i feel satisfied and happy. THIS is how i should eat raw. This is pure raw joy for ME!

Last night I brought a variation of this "pistachio curry" dressing served with shredded cabbage and other veggies to the potluck. Everyone loved it! Since i chose to eat none of it as it had about 1/2 cup of olive oil in it and 1 tsp at least of celtic salt, i wanted something 'near' to it today that would fit into a lower fat model and be salt free. So i made the same dressing, BUT omitted the salt and omitted the oil and added nutritional yeast instead!

Nutritional yeast has 5 mg of sodium for 2 Tbsp. Nama Shoyu has over 950mg of sodium in just a tsp. It is my GO TO salty seasoning for "recovery days" since it provides a slight saltiness with barely any sodium. Also, it provides a cheezy-ish flavor.

I am so thrilled right now after eating my meal, i can hardly contain myself.

It wasn't THAT much fat. I expanded about 3/4 cup of pistachios into at least 1.5 cups of nut cream using water in the vitamix, added garlic, ginger, curry powders and chili powder. And then I used enough to coat my big big big salad. There is a LOT left over. How much did i eat? I dunno...several Tbsps. I should check next time. But...ehh...i did GOOD. It was so radically lower in fat than the gourmet-gourmet i usually binge on, AND had at least 90% less salt. THIS is success for me! HURRAH!!!

AND...I juiced this morning, so i kind of felt like i deserved something halfway good..and i was SO HUNGRY! I was soooooooooo hungry!

Meredith Frantz's words of wisdom rang in my ears about how balanced she feels due to her morning routine of juicing greens daily (i used what i had..leftover salad mix and an entire head of celery, broccoli, and other veggies/fruit). She gets to eat the most wonderful gourmet raw food BECAUSE she juices every morning. No weight gain. And you know what??? Juice is...calorie-FREE, but HIGH in nutrition!

Since i ate pistachios in my lunch dressing, it would probably be best to go no fat for the rest of the day. I can handle that!

DINNER: 5 bananas, agave, coconut flakes blenderized into "Banana Soup"

I opened the fridge and remembered i had one of Talia's spicy walnut burgers she saved for me from the potluck. Man, did i want to eat that! I also saw the leftover pistachio cream and really wanted to eat that. That's the only problem with nuts. They drive me nuts!

I held my ground, however, trying to save myself from reflux and chose bananas instead. They satiated me and I'm okay now, but i do not like that feeling of intense craving. I think, though, it's worth it. THIS is called self control.

SNACK: hungry!!!!! Green Apple Applesauce with Golden Raisins: 2 green granny smiths in cuisinart with s blade with fresh lemon juice, vanilla extract, agave, cinnamon. Golden raisins sprinkled over. YUMMMMOOO!!!!

SNACK: 1 glass wine, with my honey, Cliff, listening to relaxing music.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is Yom Kippur and i may fast, or just do juice, or eat regularly, not sure yet. Believe me, whatever i do is much better than i've been doing and it's celebrating God and the my own way!

Much love,
xoxox michelle joy

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