Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don Giovanni, Pesto and Returning to Light Eating for Work

Hiya folks,

Hope you are all well today.

I just got back from opera practice tonight and I'm feeling good, surprisingly enough, about the opera i'll be performing on Sunday. I still have a lot of work to do, but i sang strongly for much for the opera.

If you're local and you'd like to come, please let me know! LaSoprana@aol.com

Amici Opera will be performing Mozart's DON GIOVANNI at the Dock Woods Community at 275 Dock Drive in Lansdale, PA 19446 on Sunday, September 13th at 2:30p.m. It is $22 at the door or $20 for advance tickets from Amici Opera: 215-224-0257.

So many of the singers have lovely voices. I think you'll really enjoy it. It may not be the most rehearsed performance you'll see, but the music is beautiful and much of the singing inspired. We could only afford 2 rehearsals and usually have 4, but i think it will still be enjoyable. Mozart's music is so magical. Please come!

Today i enjoyed more of the fresh durian we froze in 2 smoothies, but I think durian makes you poop because i've been pooping like crazy!

I had a nice walk today, much uphill and then went shopping for bananas. I'm always running out! I cleaned the kitchen and cooked some organic grass fed meat for cliff, which he loved :-))

I was so tired today, i needed a nap this afternoon, which worried me, because sleeping before I sing is not a great idea. The voice needs to be AWAKE. I was also stressed and i think the nap helped me process. Not only was i stressed from my upcoming rehearsal, but i had met with our Beckwith catering rep and it is weighing on me just how much work we have to do for this event and how little time we have.

As the opera is coming up, i just have to put it out of my mind for now, give it to God, and know that it will all work out.

I've practiced this newfound 'acceptance' on the opera....and it seems to be working. (Things are working out MUCH MUCH better than i expected. Inside of me, i knew the opera, and my intuition and talent are coming to the fore. I feel blessed. When we are positive, our best self shines, even if we still need work.) I just need to put the Beckwith event on the back burner for a few days....and let go, and let God.

I warmed up my voice this morning and it was slow going. I just need to accept THIS as well and just work with it.

I began to warm up more later as i sang lightly and just let the breath do the work. What a lesson. Less...is more. I finally warmed up about 1/4 into the opera and i sang really well thereafter. My first aria, however, was weak. I need to be more warmed up for it. it's a real challenge!!! (Or sai chi l'onore) Vocally, it's very high and if i'm not warmed up enough, i struggle. Mozart is worthy of beauty, not struggle, so i'll work on being more warmed up for it.

I ate some raw pesto today that was left over from our catering trials. I had meant it for Cliff, but decided to indulge. I didn't really get compulsive, i just tried to enjoy it, which was nice, but I know, I know i'm walking a fine line, i know, i know.

I took some Betaine to help me digest (i was really gassy, nuts just do that to me) and help me avert reflux laryngitis that i get from ingesting too many fats. I seemed to have faired okay, i sang well ultimately, but, now it's time to cool it. There was no binge. there was no serious negative consequences, but...it's time to pull back.

I had bananas for dinner.

I work tomorrow and that will be an issue if i eat gourmet there, as it has been almost EVERY work session i've allowed it. Best to just "keep it simple, stupid!!!" My best course of action is to return to salt free low fat for work tomorrow. Be SMART, Michelle.

Hope you all are well.

xoxoxo michelle joy

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