Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beckwith Planning Session with SUSAN!!!

Hiya Ladies!

Hope you are all well and good! I slept over my catering partner, Susan's house last night as we had a big big planning session for our Beckwith catering event after i worked at Arnolds Way yesterday. Everything is proceeding along! The baby goat jumping for joy is how we feel about getting this job. We're very excited about it and are busy getting everything, recipes, etc...planned and organized. That gorgeous gal with 'Tiggy' is Susan Aman, R.N., Fitness Trainer, Noni Juice Rep, Vitamix Rep, former model with Ford and Elite. Isn't she LOVELY??? She is SO great. She's lost 50 lbs since going raw and a tumor on her back...dissappeared!!!

Work at Arnolds Way went GREAT yesterday. Amazing. I just drank green smoothie, made a chopped salad. I wasn't very hungry, actually. The power of foregoing 'addictive' foods (for me, fats, in particular) is powerful. Don't pick it up and it doesn't call. This is EXACTLY what i have found with cooked foods and why i no longer indulge in them. I'd hate to say goodbye to gourmet raw forever, but i'm so happy to have said goodbye for today.

One interesting note, i did use some "Oasis" brand ( raw chocolate syrup in my morning smoothie and yes, i did KNOW it had himalayan salt in it, but i did not truly REALIZE the impact it would have on me.

Since not eating salt for, what, 4 days?, my lips became so parched, oh, my god, it was awful!

Okay, i gotta run. Susan and i have to plan some more and then call the Beckwith rep and then i go off to another day at Arnolds Way!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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