Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Time!

Hi there, Folks,

I missed connecting with you yesterday. I stayed over my catering partner, Susan's house again as we were up late planning the Micheal Beckwith event this coming Friday, Sept 18th. We were designing the table where the raw vegan hors d'oeuvres will go, how we will set them up beautifually and appetizingly. So, i didn't have time to write.

I also sing my opera tomorrow as well. At my last rehearsal i sang surprisingly strongly. But since i can't use my score, i'm feeling more insecure. Wish me luck.

I didn't do well with the food at work the last few days and that's discouraging, but i'm trying to see my overall progress and realize this is a time of stress and I can work on changing my eating habits again after all of these jobs are over. It used to take me a 100 lb gain to realize i was out of control with food, so if i gain a few lbs now, it's not so earth shattering. I know in a few days of 80-10-10ing, i'll take those pounds off.

I'm thinking, however, about doing a program with Carlene Jones now has more lenient programs, not so rigid, which allow a raw foodist on an 80-10-10 program some leeway. It sounds like it would be perfect for me and would teach me how to control gourmet raw.

Keep in touch. I enjoy hearing from all of you.

xoxo michelle joy

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Shawna Morris said...

Can't wait to hear about the catering event! AND you obviously got the part! I'm so excited for you. Sorry, I haven't been in touch at all. I haven't even been blogging. Well, I did tonight and plan to continue. I have your shoes all wrapped up and ready to send. Now, to get to the post office... Why do the little chores seem so big sometimes? I love you, Shawna