Sunday, December 27, 2009

Raw On The Road - Picnic In The Car!

Hiya Folks,

Yesterday Cliff and I went out shopping in the rain. Here we are in the car. This is how raw foodists go out for a day of have raw picnic in the car!!!!

On the way to the ZERNS Farmer's Market in Gilbertsville, PA.

My black sparkle sequin hat drew such attention at the market, by the way. An older gentleman dressed so dapper came up to me and said, "That hat beautifies you!" That certainly brought a smile to my face :-))

Okay, here is the soft blue igloo we often use to travel for daytrips. Inside we put those blue ice packs to keep everything cold. I always try to bring an assortment of goodies and we eat what we are hungry for. Inside this bag, we had several green smoothies, crudite with dip, apple pie, dehydrated mexican snacks, trail mix, grapes, forks/knives/plates/napkins, cabbage slaw. Enough for lunch and several snacks!

My main man, Cliff, and moi.

Green smoothies are great to travel with. Just pop a few jars of the elixer into your igloo with icepacks and you're ready for a quick meal on the road. This smoothie was delish. It was made from 2 bananas, romaine lettuce, mango, strawberries and agave. Yum.

This picture looks gross, like some kind of frozen ground beef or something, sorry for ooking your out, but i can assure you, it is not raw meat, but a double peice of scrumptious raw apple pie. One of the best pies i ever made. It got better and better after a few days. The brown top is shredded apple and pear seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice and zest. The middle section was a vanilla cashew cream, and below, a scrumptious pecan date crust.

Here is what is left in a plastic container after we ate several of these little dehydrated goodies. I made a mexican nutspread and spread it on zucchini and eggplant and topped with tomato and dehydrated for a day. Yummo! Cliff loved these.

Cliff loves crunchy celery so i like to have that available for him. And he enjoys a carrot stick every now and again.

Tip: It's so useful to have a wonderful dip in the fridge, and to keep these little 2 oz to go containers with lids on hand. Fill 'er up with a wonderful gingery/garlicy spread and oila', snack city.

We filled the celery crevice with this thai dip and was that yum or what?

Okay, a view of how we do this. I bring plates and forks and everything in plastic containers. On the right was an awesome cabbage slaw i made days earlier. Cabbage lets off alot of water, so i thought the 2 day salad was ruined, but i just squoze out all of the juice and dressing and was left with a dry marinated cabbage slaw that was super super tasty and low fat. We really enjoyed this. There's the green smoothie towards the left and the pie we dug into for mid afternoon snack, later on.

Okay, there's my Cliffy showing you how it's done! Carrot in one hand, plate and fork and cabbage slaw in the other. Satisfying, filling. No need for McDonalds.

Really, there is NEVER an excuse for not eating raw. It just takes EFFORT to prepare and have food ALWAYS on hand. NEVER leave the house empty-handed, otherwise you face temptation.

I am also a firm believer in seasoning food well. When raw food tastes good, it is not only good for you, but delights the taste buds and keeps you interested. Don't eat the same thing everyday or you'll get bored. Mix it up. Homemade food does take effort, but you have to have your priorities in order. It IS easier to drop a box of pasta into boiling water than to shred cabbage and veggies and devise an interesting sauce. Yes, it takes more effort, but, the payoff is better. Homemade food is SO much better for you.

And creates memories that last. Cliff and i have the fondest memories of eating avocado wraps in the winter by the Lucy Elephant Statue down the shore, and at another date, the same meal in the winter on the beach. It creates memories, creates intimacy, creates and sustains health. Go out today and get an igloo or an igloo bag and some blue ice packs.

How do YOU cope with being out? Do you pack? Or have a favorite place you eat at? Let's hear from you!

xoxoxo michelle joy

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