Friday, December 4, 2009

Benefits of Low Fat No Salt High Fruit Raw...and the Detriments....


Just got back from the 3rd great day at work. That's so awesome. Peppered all over this blog are descriptions of days out of control eating at work. Getting ready for the Festival (on Sunday at Arnolds Way in Lansdale, PA) is a lot of work, but so stimulating, i don't even THINK about food until i'm hungry. I'm not alone in the kitchen since i have helpers there, and let me tell you, this is KEY for me. NOT ALONE IN THE KITCHEN.

So, i had another raw day. It's become so simple, i can't believe days ago i was binge eating rye bread and sticks of butter. It seems like ages ago.

I had green smoothie this morning.

Then for lunch, a green salad with a dehydrated veggie burger mixture on top (Arnolds veggie burger "steaks" contain only veggies and apples and minimal cashews, no salt, no oil). I chop up the burger in the cuisinart with other moist veggies and use THIS as my dressing ontop of greens. It's actually quite yummy. I also sprinkle nutritional yeast on top, raw cider vinegar, a squirt of agave, a squirt of lemon and moosh up. Quite enjoyable, especially if there is enough spice in the salad. I added fresh garlic and onion to the cuisinart mix.

Hungry later, i had a banana whip. Hungry again later, i made another of those salads i just described. Hungry again later, i had some smoothie and later a banana whip. When i got home i was hungry again and had an apple and a cup of tea with lots of raw honey, yum.

Seems like ALOT. Calorically, i wonder what that is. 1 banana is 100 calories, so 10 bananas and that's 1000 calories. I had at least 1o bananas today.

Speaking with my coworker today, i was expressing my dissappointment in not losing weight faster for all of the effort i'm putting in. It's so childish, i know, but when i really thought about it, i realized how those cooked veggie with bean soups in the Dr. Fuhrman program were so ultra low calorie and i think i DID lose weight quicker doing Fuhrman. Cooked veggies are like calorie free practically and beans are quite low. I filled myself up on a tasty warm huge bowl and lost like a crazy 18 lbs or something. On all of the fruit and greens, it's slow going.

It's SO GOOD that i got over the cooked chinese food and pizza. Wo, wait a second, it's BEYOND GOOD, it's PHENOMENOL. How could i have been sure that that would have ended? My LIFE is filled with falling into binges that never end. This time i was lucky. Or more skilled???? If i am more skilled, can you IMAGINE how bad i was before????

But, i can't help thinking the Fuhrman thing, intellectually, makes more sense.

I know, i know. Cooked thoughts again.

And then i ask myself, COULD i just restrict cooked eating to beans and veggies, salt and fat free, in the hopes of losing weight quicker?????

Okay, one question. WHY do i want to lose it so quickly???? What the hell is the rush? It just seems like so much effort for not much weight loss. On Fuhrman, in a week, i lost everything i gained from binge eating. On my version of 80-10-10, it's slower.

Well, this is just a little clue into what it's like to live in MY head!!! Aren't you lucky you DON'T???!!!!!

I ran into an old buddy at Arnolds Way who is a pretty strict raw foodist, or so i thought. I came to find out, she also eats beans and cooked veggies and eats out sometimes in cooked vegetarian restaurants. It got me thinkin'. I'm so suggestable.

You know what? Maybe i just shouldn't WEIGH myself....then i wouldn't be so concerned over the speed of losing!!!! Not having cooked has put me back into an incredible focus. It feels good.

The no salt, low fat eating completely ELIMINATES binge eating at work, too. THAT is priceless. And I feel so energetic.

Good to talk that out.

Anyway, big day tomorrow. A friend is coming over for a singing lesson and raw lunch and then we're heading to an art gallery. He is an artist and might want to show his art in this gallery.

So, all you out there, have a great day tomorrow. And come over to Arnolds on Sunday. RAWSOME FOOD, MUSIC & YOGA FESTIVAL - Sunday, Dec 6th from Noon - 10pm. 25$ at the door!

xoxo michelle joy

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