Friday, December 18, 2009

The Power of One

Hiya Folks,

Just a quickie today. I'm at the library as my computer at home is still out of commission and my back is still quite tender. Better for me to be typing less.

The Power of One is today's message. What a powerful thing.

Well, what does it mean?

Just to backtrack a little... I had the most wonderful conversation with my good friend, Jan Bongiovio, the other day. Jan and I met at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. She stayed for 3 weeks, I stayed for 8 months, and we met the first day we both arrived on the same week. Before i even saw Jan, i heard her. Jan has severe asthma and breathing/lung problems. At the end of her 3 weeks, she was walking around a lake and up stairs without wheezing, and stopped snoring. Raw is very powerful. I saw the miraculous change in her and often remind her of it.

I ADORE Jan and am so grateful for her wonderful friendship. Jan lives outside of Los Angeles and we talk on the phone STILL after 3 years weekly. Jan is so smart, so sharp, so perceptive, so caring. She's such a great lady. I know one day "Jan, the gypsy" will be folk dancing again and bouncing off of the ceiling with her newfound energy. Jan is applying to do the missionary program like I did at Optimum Health Institute. That's what enabled me to stay there so long and i know a long stay there will transform her life in amazing ways.

Jan is the one who brought up the phrase "the power of one." Apparently, there is a book that talks about how ONE PERSON can help change your life in such dramatic ways.

When i imparted to her how INCREDIBLE Cliff and I are doing supporting each other in our latest raw venture (we're on our 4th day...he's feeling fantastic....his arthritis seems relieved...he lost 4 cravings....feeling light and happy!!!! I'm doing fabulous...eating gourmet and adoring it, feel sensually gratified and in no way deprived, am exercising and forgetting about losing weight for today), she mentioned how incredible it was of him to do this, to go raw to help support me. It's been transformative. I was...heading down a road to destruction. [2 sticks of butter a day and unable to stop binge eating. Now 4 days binge free, eating gourmet raw and feeling a huge load of pure raw joy.] The power of ONE is truly awesome. I would NOT be back here at pure raw joy were it not for my Cliff.

My friend and coworker, Megan, coming over to my house weekly to help me organize is another powerful example of this "one" notion. Cliff and I now have a walk in closet-room. We have a lovely living room and dining room and a basement that is not an embarrassment. We also have 2 clean garages (that were formally a huge source of shame). It just so happens Megan didn't help with those and Cliff took those on himself. But her motivation, her inspiration has gotten the ball rolling for these two pack-rats. The power of one at work again. We needed an outside source of intervention and we have Megan to thank for it.

Amazingly, Jan looks up to me as a power of one, a source of motivation for her, which fills me with a huge sense of pride and honor. Jan struggles with her weight and eating and is so amazed i lasted 3 years raw and have kept all of my weight off that i lost at OHI, and you know what? I'm pretty amazed, too. I'm so glad even with all of my detours and troubles and relapses i can serve as an inspiration to her and to others.

Attaining "the power of one" in our lives means we need to recognize our weaknesses and ask for help. Jan is doing that by applying to be a missionary. I did it by asking Megan for help and by reaching out for help to go raw again. And you know what? People WANT to help you, and are more willing to offer it than you realize... If you put out that energy that you NEED help, you'll get help.

So many of my of my raw friends i am grateful to for their constant encouragement and care. Meredith of has been invaluable to my journey, as have Tim and Leslie Arnold, not to mention Arnold Kauffman of Arnold's Way, and so many others.

YOU can be the "Power of one" to someone else in need, too. It's a wonderful feeling!

xoxoxo michelle joy

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