Thursday, June 30, 2011



So exhausted! I worked today. TIRED! And I didn't actually feel that great today. I felt mostly worn out. Maybe it was that 3 mile walk yesterday eve?

I drank a good amount of water today and had some fresh carrot juice. I think i actually DID feel better later in the day, just tired then, not kinda headachey miserable off like i was earlier. I was probably dehydrated.

Arnold was out today so I worked with Ronnie.

I had to close up the store (, so I had to miss yoga.

Frankly, my feet were killing me too bad for it anyway.

No exercise today as i'd planned daily. But i worked my butt off at work. That's gotta count for something. 8 hours on my feet must burn something up.

Cliff said, "Why do you have to be so black and white? You're exhausted! Give yourself a break. You'll walk tomorrow morning."

I'm just afraid if i let myself off the hook, it'll snowball.

I'll walk tomorrow morning before work. [Here i am at almost 6 am and i will be going out soon! We both awoke very early today.]

I did pretty good with the food at work today! No compulsive eating, wow.

When i was packing the raw bread, i was on guard. I could eat a tray of raw bread in about 10 seconds flat.

It wasn't like a real "diet" day, which i'd planned, like all fruity, but....maybe that's progress???

No binge eating THIS way.


For bkfast, i had some smoothie at home. I was hungry for smoothie again at work, so i enjoyed something leftover. I was very hungry for lunch early. (I get hungry EARLY from exercising!) I made zucchini spaghetti and used our regular sauce instead of making my own losalt lofat version, but only used a very very little bit. It was good and it seemed like an okay compromise. It felt like what i wanted. Better to have a little then. Later on, I had a banana whip. Towards dinner time, i had a nori wrap made with no salt but a little avo and raw burger. I was hungry before we all left, and everyone was hanging out, munching, so around 8:15p.m., i had 1 slice of raw bread with "sour cream and chive dip" on it with lettuce and tomato and carrot and 2 spoons of Megan's amazing potato salad. What a good little meal. YUMMO.

It was heavier than i really ideally would like to eat late, but I was hungry, and i enjoyed, and I was sitting down.

In fact, i sat for all of my meals, except for the banana whip. Sitting down makes eating more of an event.

Oh, I took a few Betaine after that 8:15pm dinner to help me digest. Maybe i won't have reflux in the morning now? [i still do. i'll take more next time.]

My voice didn't feel so hot today. Probably just tired from the 2 hour voice lesson on Wednesday.

Cliff and I are both tired alot from exercising and we're both on edge more than usual. We're a little pissy with each other. That doesn't feel really good. I hope we make up. [We did!]

Oh, yikes. We also have a mouse in the kitchen. It's grown in size over the last few days. It keeps eating the cheese OFF of the trap, while skillfully avoiding the trap. I can't tell you how that little stinker is freaking me out. "Get it OUTTA here!" I was really mad at Cliff for not buying the sticky traps that he promised me he would. We have the traditional ones set up and they ain't working. It's been days and he's still there!

All in all, a good day.

Friday night after work, the Arnold's Way crowd is meeting at HORIZONS, a vegetarian place downtown that is closing this week and re-opening at a new location with a new name.

Looking forward to my raw appetizer, entree and dessert!! They make raw meals, if you call in advance.

If at all possible, i would like to be fruity all day since i'll have an awesome gourmet raw dinner tonight!

xoxo michelle joy

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