Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joel Odhner's RAW JAR BAR in Center City Philadelphia

Joel Odhner, consultant to Dr. Oz, is opening a raw food cafe in center city Philadelphia. I wrote to him inquiring about employment. He wrote back and wants to meet with me! Send lots of energy my way, people!

_ _ _

8 days raw! Lots of energy! Lots of emotions! Lots of crying, yelling, laughing. Raw uncovers stuff. You gotta get THROUGH it.

I'm a whirlwind cleaning my house. It's so true. When your food is in order, your life is in order.

I always had it in me, i was just drugged. Now i'm free!

_ _ _

The HEAVY taping thing might fall through. I just discovered i was to send in the tape within a week of receiving their email. It's been over a month. I wrote back and asked if they would still accept it.

What's meant to be is meant to be.

xoxo michelle joy

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