Friday, June 24, 2011


Hi dear readers,

How are you all doing? I hope well!

I'm working on my 5th week of raw, but struggling with fat and salt and not exercising enough. The weightloss is stalled. The good news is: I'm still hanging in there and working to figure out a plan of action for myself!

Anyway, exciting news! I worked yesterday and today at Arnolds Way, and there is promising news for our little store! An investor is interested in taking Arnold's Way...and turning it into a chain of raw restaurants! The first two would open in Center City Philadelphia! Arnold has met with the interested parties at least 4x already, they've scoped out possible locations, and it looks like this may be a real thing. Today at the store, to prepare for this new venture, we wrote down recipes for some of our special 'cheezes,' so that new employees at new Arnold's Way stores could create them. (Most of us who work as raw chefs at Arnold's Way make raw food to taste. Now that we may be taking this thing wider, we'll need recipes!) I came up with a workable recipe for our 'cheddar cheeze,' that i know works because someone just to happen to call and order ALL of the cheddar i had just made as a recipe test batch, so i then was able to use the new recipe i'd just created to make a 2nd test batch...and the recipe worked and was totally delish!

Raw food science, baby! The recipe was created WEIGHING all of the ingredients to make the ingredient amounts as fool-proof as possible. I hear over and over again from people who buy raw food cookbooks that recipes come out horrible. Why? 1 lemon may yield 1 oz of juice, another lemon may yield 2 oz of juice! So, if you see a recipe that says, "Juice of 1 lemon," the final taste of your recipe may be vastly different than was intended. There are SO many variables with raw. Not every pepper tastes the same. Some onions are sharper, etc... At least, weighing ingredients takes away alot of the guessing game. It may take an extra minute, but it also helps to determine accurate PRICING per ounce, very important!

It was also strongly suggested - especially over the last few days - that i write my own recipe book to sell at the new stores. This is going to be a project for the summer!

_ _ _

On the music front, things are shaking. I have 2 more bookings for retirement home concerts, I sing a new opera in November, and have a BIG concert in October with just me and my accompanist!

Tomorrow night, i sing in a concert in Haddonfield, N.J. Here's the info in case you're local!

Amici Opera Comparny presents....
with Soprano, Michelle Schulman
Baritone, Ralph Tudisco
Tenor, Duane Wittman
...and others

Michelle will be singing:
- Arditi's IL BACIO
- VERDI'S LOVE DUET from OTHELLO with Duane Wittman
- selections from MOST HAPPY FELLA with Ralph Tudisco
- Neopolitan song FINICULI FINICULA
- Italian song CIRIBIRIBIN with Ralph Tudisco
- Mozart's beautiful duet, SULL'ARIA from Marriage of Figaro with Jenna Lee Moore, heard in "The Shawshank Redemption"

Grace Church
19 King’s Hwy East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Pay at the door; $25 General Admission, $22 Seniors

xoxo michelle joy

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an experiment in happiness said...

WOW! How amazing and wonderful. You have so many great things to look forward to! I wish I was local because I would love to see you perform. You have a beautiful voice, and spirit. Congrats