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New Vegan Ruben Studdard Eats Vegan Soul Food and Southern Comfort Foods

Ruben Studdard, winner of the second season of American Idol, has recently revealed in interviews that he is now a vegan. The Velvet Teddy Bear, about 350 lbs in 2003 when he competed on Idol, gained 100 lbs a year and a half after his win. Studdard entered a 4 week program in North Carolina at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in 2006. He lost 40 lbs, and became a vegetarian early 2008. He fell off the wagon, but has now been a vegan for 6 months, and has logged a 100 lb weight loss.

Way to go, Ruben!

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Mom is hangin' in there!!! We've modified her diet somewhat, adding steamed white potatoes and veggies for dinner and she's feeling satisfied, feeling good, and not feeling as "deprived." She's still doing raw for breakfast and lunch - green smoothies, salads, nut pate's, raw chips.

And, I started her back on Diatomaceous Earth. I'm hoping it will help her with the gas issue. Proper food combining seems to help somewhat with her stomach gas (not eating fruit directly after eating nuts), but gas is still an issue for her.

An Arnold's Way customer, we'll call her Nannette to provide her fart-anonimity, swears D.E. took away all of her gas, bloating and digestive distress while eating a raw diet. Here she is on her experience with D.E.:
Glad the article about the DE helped. As for what I experienced... the gas is all but gone!! I was having severe problems with it about 6 months after going raw, and everything else I was trying did not help, (food combining , etc.) And it was not stomach gas, it was flatulence, which was starting to confine me to the house, except for making quick runs to the places I needed too. And this was going on for months. Gross as it sounds, it was like a science expeirment was going on in my colon. I could constantly feel the gas bubbling, and was constantly trying to hold it back, which was impossible most of the time, no matter how hard I would squeeze them butt cheeks together! LOL! I was taking beeno, probiotics, anything I could think of that might help. Then I actually started adding some cooked rice , and oats to my diet thinking that would help, but it did not. My Doctor suggested I get a colonoscopy - No Thanks! At any rate, I started taking the DE and within about 3 days, the severe gas had stopped. I take a heaping tablespoon in the evening with a little juice. And I did not notice any detox or weird things in the toilet at least not yet. Its been about a month. But I know something had to be living in there. I wish I had thought to take the DE months sooner!

What a testimony! I started up again on D.E. myself, as well. Raw food makes me gassy, too.

Here is the article "Nannette" sent me, which is more from a pet perspective, but is an overview of D.E. and how it can help both humans and pets. This is actually where she first learned about D.E. in reference to her pets:

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My catering partner, the fabulously gorgeous, talented and amazing, Susan Aman, R.N., F.T., and I had meetings with the hosts of our next two catering jobs yesterday. It was a glorious day. The sun was shining and spending time with Susan is always an absolutel pleasure.

We met our first host, Kaitlin, in reference to her graduation party, in which most of the food will be raw and everything will be bio-degradable, and saw the party space and did more planning for her event. Kaitlin's family will certainly be in for a different kind of a celebration! There will be recycling bins, one for leftover food to be composted, and there will be no traditional cooked cake. Congrats, Kaitlin!

Then we met up with Colin and Bruce in reference to their SUSTAINABLE LIVING CELEBRATION OF EARTH dinner, which is going to be an AMAZING event for our community, and is completely funded by Bruce. Wow! A large team of folks, everyone with their own set of skills/talents, will come together to create a Garden of Eden in the commons of the Chestnut Hill Academy. Most of the food will be raw, local, organic - all of the dishwear and utensils will be bio-degradable - local fresh spring water will be served from an extraordinary homemade fountain. It will really be something!

It is just so wonderful what we are doing, providing raw food for such extraordinary parties and celebrations. We feel VERY blessed. These two events will take place in late May, but there is a lot of planning beforehand necessary!

~ ~ ~

Susan and I had lunch at OASIS Living Cuisine in Frazer, PA yesterday, in between our clients! It was very yummy! And i bought a ton of raw chocolate to take home, and bought lots of yummy treats for Mom that i thought she would like, such as raw maccaroons. The regular passover kind have egg in them and they've been a no-no.

Yes, i can make versions of all of these things myself, but honestly, i've been too busy.

~ ~ ~

One "cookie" in particular i purchased at OASIS is so freakin' unbelievable i can hardly believe it. This is the first raw cookie that i've had...that actually TASTES and FEELS in your mouth like a REAL cookie. I highly HIGHLY recommend "RAWNOLA Almond" from earthling organics - a gluten free and grain-free unbaked granola made from soaked nuts and seeds and dried at low temps. Here is the website: This "RAWNOLA" in Almond flavor is THE most extraordinary raw cookie i have ever tasted - crispy, crunchy, LIGHT, AIRY, sweet,, scrumptious! They call it granola but trust me, it's a cookie. The chunks of 'granola' are huge and cookie like. I gave my mother two giant craters with a cup of tea, and she commented with her eyes bugging out, "No one would EVER know that was not a baked regular cookie!"

Get some today!

xoxo michelle joy

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