Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hot dang, I should KNOW about MUSCLE MEMORY from being a singer AND a singing TEACHER, but i had a huge 'AHHA' moment today regarding my eating disorder, which curiously relates to my singing!!!!

OK, so, when you take singing lessons, you learn new ways to sing and use your muscles, and the OLD ways begin to feel uncomfortable. You recognize they just don't function as well as the new new correct ways. With the new way, you have better tone, better volume, less strain, more ease.

But, it's a PROCESS of TRAINING and AWARENESS that takes TIME...sometimes alot of time, sometimes change can come suddenly. You just keep working on it.

The more you do something CORRECTLY, the more the muscles MEMORIZE the new way. For example, the more I relax my soft palate, the easier it is to do it the next time. Soon, the technique becomes habit. Correct vocal habit.

And, if you practice the new way, enough, correctly, the next time you go to perform, the more likely you are to slip into the new groove...due to MUSCLE MEMORY. All of that work you did at home...was not for naught.

The more and more you sing correctly, consistently, the MORE comfortable singing the new way is.....
The more you practice the right way at home, the easier and easier it is to accomplish, in public....

Sure, sometimes old habits pop up from time to time...usually when you're under stress, but, you work them out again.

MUSCLE MEMORY is the KEY to singing better.

Am i making sense??? I think i am.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~'s the SAME with EATING!!!!!!!

Oh, man, this is HUGE for me.

Just like singing technique, there are proper ways to eat. EATING TECHNIQUE!

Here are some of my ideas!

- Eat When You're Hungry
- Eat What You Want (for me, as long as it's raw)
- Make Healthy Choices
- Eat Slowly and Savor Your Food
- Stop When You've Had Enough

The more and more I practice these proper eating techniques, the more "muscle memory" I will develop for these behaviors, the easier and easier they will be to accomplish EVERY time i eat, and the more likely i will be to eat properly in times of stress.


Man, that is ENORMOUS!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Developing new habits all start with AWARENESS and is a process of TRAINING...just like vocal training. But, how can you change something unless you recognize it first?

Today I went to Arnold's Way, where i work, for lunch. I got a banana whip (to go) and a "cheeze steak" sandwhich (to go).

After i finished my whip, i noticed that i was NOT hungry for the steak. I said to myself, "Wow, this is a new opportunity. You can wait until LATER to eat...when you're hungry. Think how much more you'll enjoy it!"

Yet, within a few minutes, i was munching away on the steak.

Discouraged by my own failure to wait for hunger, i tried, nevertheless, to analyze...instead of judge myself.

The steak was delicious, but would have been even MORE SCRUMPTIOUS had i been truly hungry for it and DELAYED GRATIFICATION. But, woooooooo......, since the MUSCLE MEMORY for this type of activity (ALWAYS EATING WHEN I'M HUNGRY...and delaying gratification) isn't really developed at all, it's NO WONDER i fall into old habits. It's no wonder i chose to eat compulsively. My muscles for eating correctly and following proper eating technique...ARE NOT DEVELOPED!

Hey, so why feel bad??? Every opportunity to EAT is an opportunity to strengthen a muscle. Which muscle am i going to strengthen????

Basically, when i fall into OLD compulsive eating habits, i fall into old habits....because I JUST FELL INTO OLD HABITS!!! The "muscles" for these compulsive eating habits are really, really, well developed and the more and more I practice them, the stronger they become.

If i WANT to learn to eat when i'm hungry only (and not when i'm not), I need to start eating when i'm hungry and not when i'm not...!!!

When i do that consistently....each eating episode will be EASIER and easier to eat when i'm hungry and not when i'm not, and the next time i face a stressful situation, muscle memory will take over and (hopefully), and i'll choose to eat when i'm hungry, and not when i'm not!

The more i practice proper eating technique...the more MUSCLE MEMORY I develop for it, and the stronger and stronger those new habits will become.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heck, I suppose the same MUSCLE MEMORY THEORY works for maintaining FAULTY behaviors.

My compulsive eating habits are deeply grooved and ingrained. And the more I practice eating compulsively, the more I will eat compulsively.

Maybe that's how binge eating is. Maybe binge eating is just a freakin' bad HABIT that i just DO, because i just keep doing it, due to MUSCLE MEMORY!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just keep on the positive groove, like a record needle stays in the right groove on the record and do the right thing, practice the new healthy eating technique and my muscle memory for it will develop!!! Soon, anything else...will feel uncomfortable!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last night I "wanted" a bag of Brad's chips to munch on while watching a movie.

But....i knew better now. I had an opportunity here. I asked myself, "Michelle, are you actually HUNGRY for it?" When i realized i WASN'T hungry for it, THIS TIME, i decided to EXERCISE MY DELAYING GRATIFICATION MUSCLE, and I told myself "NO."

Suddenly, saying NO was easy.


I'm in a process of training my muscles....and I feel SO hopeful!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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