Monday, April 5, 2010


Good news!

Mom's been on a raw diet for one month and just received the results of her blood test.

She had previously had her blood tested right before going raw (and the dr. was very concerned as her potassium was severely low, her sugar very high, her iron very low and her cholesterol was very high, even though she is on and has been on cholesterol lowering meds.)

Quick note: As before, there was no sign of cancer in her blood, but since there wasn't any in the last blood test this fact did not surprise us, but it is still good to know.

Good news! Her potassium levels, which were so low, returned to normal!

Her B12 levels are normal!

Her blood sugar returned from high to normal! Even with all of the fruit!

What's REALLY amazing is her cholesterol went from 280 on meds to 120 on raw! Her cholesterol has NEVER been so low! She's really happy about that!

ONE CONCERN: Her iron is borderline anemic. I am not sure if it went LOWER since going raw vegan, not eating meat, a source of iron. We are waiting for the comparison of tests in the mail. I've been giving her iron-rich spinach in her smoothies at least 4/5x a week. It is her favorite green for smoothies, and perhaps it is no wonder - the body calls for what it needs, and spinach has a lot of iron in it. I'll have to research some more iron-rich foods for her.

ONE NOTE on Anemia: I had been Anemic for at least 20 years....but after being raw about 3 years, my iron levels finally NORMALIZED and I am anemic NO LONGER!!!

All in all, we're happy with this report! Even my father is poo-pooing the diet now!

xoxo michelle joy

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