Saturday, April 24, 2010


Good morning, all,

Last night I had my concert at the Jewish Heritage Club, yay! One more thing to scratch off of my to-do list!!! This is a pic from our concert 2 summers ago.

The biggest hits of the night were the songs, "Be My Love," "Till There Was You," the selections from Yentl, and "Hava Nagila." The opera and foreign language stuff didn't go over as well as it has other places. Every audience is different!!! Discouragingly different... But, i'm just grateful everyone enjoyed what they did.

In fact, people came up to me crying after the concert, that they were so moved by my singing and by our music making. That's a delight to hear and certainly makes me feel that all of my hard work was not for naught! Many people said I need an agent and to pursue singing professionally. That's very encouraging to hear.

Does anyone know an agent???!!!! How do you DO that? I don't even have a clue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, today is another raw day in the neighborhood, yay! Just had some green smoothie, and some cacao smoothie, and feeling desirous of a walk outside. I'm feeling relieved and happy to be back on raw, and not experiencing too many cooked food thoughts.

Honestly, I've been doing myself a favor and haven't been watching The Food Network, which is like food PORN for me. Hot dang, when they take the bite at the end of the segment, holy crap, it's like the orgasm shot for me, my mouth starts to water, I'm like swallowing and dribbling saliva...yeah, baby, take that bite, ummm, yeah!!!!

Last night, watching a movie with Cliffy in bed, the scene switched to a restaurant, and i realized i was getting hungry watching the characters eating a sandwhich at a deli. pastrami. corned beef. God, that looked good. BREAD! Ding, ding, ding!

No, i didn't eat any!!!!! But, i could have, if i would have allowed myself.

Instead, i disconnected emotionally from the hungry-making scene on the screen and felt more in control. I restored control. It's in my control. Wow. That's big.

It's hard to explain how to do this, it's something i learned in meditation. If you don't know how, i'll explain.

You know how sometimes when you watch a movie, you feel like you're THERE in the scene, you're so "into it?" Like if you watch spiders, you feel like they're crawling on you and you're screaming and shaking them off of you? Well, instead of allowing yourself to get sucked in, you widen your focus, you pull back, and realize the TELEVISION is only a big block that is part of the room you're in, and it's just a PICTURE on the screen. And all of a sudden, you're not in the picture any more, you're in the MOMENT, you're an objective viewer again, instead of being sucked in, and there's really no spiders, and you're only in your living room.

This could easily be applied to hamburgers. Or pizza. Say, everyone is eating hamburgers in a movie, or whatever looks good, and all of a sudden you want one. Well, if you're into spiders, you might get hungry for them, too...

When you disconnect, you can watch people eat and not feel involved or feel any sort of reaction. Actually, this is how we're supposed to live life. NON REACTIVELY.

Well, that's not exactly what the food network wants, for you to be non-reactive...they WANT you to react, they want to suck you in, want you to keep hooked on the show, on the network, keep you watching through to the commercials, keep you buying their products.

I guess if you're a FOOD ADDICT like me, this is what the DEVIL wants from you, too, keep you HOOKED!!!! Gotta outsmart that rascal!

You see, TV, TV commercials, especially, aim to suck us in. They show sizzling food and skinny happy people eating stringy dripping hot mozzarella... It's all meant to suck you in, influence you, and make you go out and buy a Papa John's pizza.

If you disconnect emotionally from the commercial, all of a sudden, you don't FEEL hungry from the ad, it's just a picture.

When you're involved emotionally and "sucked in," you know you are, because your mouth is watering and you can kinda smell pizza and the next thing you know, you're rading the freezer for frozen pizza. PAVLOV'S THEORY.

(Here's one of Pavlov's dogs with a surgically implanted instrument to measure his level of salivation!!!!)

God forbid if they would implant one of those things on my cheek when i'm watching food network. They'd need a bucket for all of the saliva i'd produce!!!! Oookey.

Advertisers know about conditioning you. McDonald's knows about conditioning us, and actually brainwashing us to BELIEVE that those shit burgers actually TASTE good, when they don't. They taste like liver.

Well, i like liver, but that's besides the point.

McDonald's has the WORST tasting burgers in the world. The only reason they're successful if because of brain washing. NOT because of taste. ADVERTISING!

Anyway, people like me, who allow themselves to get sucked in, and react emotionally to food stimulus, stimulii, have to be careful...every minute of the DAY!!!!

Are you one of those people? That can easily set off a binge. It's set off MANY a binge for me. You see it, you want it. Ding!

Pavlov's theory.

The more you react, the better chance the NEXT time you'll react.


And, heck, you don't even have to SEE it on the TV screen to react emotionally to it and get sucked in. Our MINDS are like TV screens. Have a food thought? Ding! Ding! Time to eat!

We can learn turn that off. Here's the meditation i learned from the Foundation of Human Understading.

xoxo michelle joy

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