Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I'm a Success Already!"


DATE: Wed, Jan 27, 2010
LOSS: -2.5

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Hiya Folks,

I'm bright and chipper this morning and have a very busy day - my friend, Megan, is coming to help me organize today - so just a quick update. (P.S. Megan is wonderful! Watch her videos with Arnold of Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe' on Arnold's Youtube Channel: )

Today is my 2nd day of my new venture - I'm counseling privately with Carlene Jones of Carlene was obese, lost 140 lbs and eats and teaches a high raw diet.

I had my talk with Carlene last night and it was a certified DELIGHT. She has most definitely changed. Last time i worked with her she was a certified bitch. This new change of attitude is a breath of fresh air and certainly exactly what i deserve!

Carlene talked extensively about how the raw bootcamp mentality, yes, worked for women to lose weight fast, but all of them gained it back.

She now teaches "Find Your Best Diet" which is a more lenient "High Raw" diet. Women find their own way, what works for THEM as individuals, with her experience guiding them along. Women are having so much more success.

I'm totally looking forward to finding my best diet, which will be a combination of high raw with some cooked vegetarian food. Unfortunately, it's where my heart is right now. The door opened and it hasn't shut. And I think that's okay. For me. For today.

Yesterday was an almost all raw day, with the exception of a big bowl of lightly cooked vegetable soup i made for myself, with only a bit of miso paste in the water to form a light broth. The veggies were still crunchy.

I'm journaling and logging my food on as part of my program, and Carlene will have access to this to view my logs. You also may read my logs by clicking on:

Overview: I've lost 2.5lbs already. I am to weigh myself from now on only 2x/week. Sensible! I had less than 700mg of sodium, 19% fat and 5% protein, and a little over 2500 cals of mostly raw. A little high on calories - due to overeating dates, avocado and banana. All high ticket items. There are many many more raw or veggie-friendly foods that don't hold such concentrated calories, but fill just as well. And I walked for 50 mins and it was a pleasure!

I'm SO FREAKIN' HAPPY!!!! And so excited for this new chapter in my raw journey!!!!

And, Carlene even said she thinks i'm doing GREAT! That MOST women who lose over 100lbs gain it ALL back and i only gained a little back. She thinks i'm a success already! Man, does THAT ever feel good!

xoxox michelle joy

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Hi Michelle,

It was great talking to you tonight. I am going to send you an ecopy of the e-book "Fat Brain Lies" with your photos already in it. We will be working through this book together.

Here are the guidelines for what you are going to do diet wise these next three days:

-Max 2000 calories.
-Max 30% fat.
-Min 10% Protein
-Max 3000 mg sodium.

Outside of those guidelines eat whatever you want, but stick to those guidelines until we meet again. On Friday, I will have gone over your fitday account so we can talk about how to move forward to find what is going to work for you: High raw or all raw. It will be your decision.

Keep up with the 50 minutes of walking each day.

I have opened your account on the
website and changed your start weight to 287.5.

Our call nights are Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:15 PM Eastern Time.

Talk to you Friday.

I think you are going to do great. I love your attitude, and that is as important as food and exercise when it comes to doing this for life.


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