Friday, July 8, 2011


Hi there,

Just got back from my two days Arnold's Way working as a raw chef :-))

[By the way, I made the yummiest pate' today, "sour cream and chive dip," a cashew dip with garlic, onion and scallions. If i would have had chives, i'd have put them in! The scallions did the trick! It made a yummy nori wrap! Stop by Arnold's Way to try some!]

I'll be going away to OHIO for a week with Cliff! Friends of ours hauled their trailer to INDIAN LAKE and asked us to join them!

I'm excited to get away, swim in the lake, be in the sun and have fun with our friends, but I'm concerned about how i will handle raw on someone else's trailer (limited refrig space). But we decided, we'd bring the big red igloo, i'll buy veggies and fruit daily, and we'll buy ice daily if we need to. So, with the igloo, i'll have my own private "fridge" the car. We'll bring the blue freezer packs and maybe i can freeze them in Ken and Debbie's trailer freezer overnight.

I'm purposely not bringing any dehydrated snacks, breads, crackers, etc... I'm going to go simple for the next week. The only thing i'm bringing with on the trip is raw vinegar for salads, some seeds, and produce for the 9 hour drive, and then we'll purchase what i need daily when we get there.

Oh, on a side note, our vitamix broke the other day! Man, was that scary! We use it daily..what would we do? I called Vitamix and explained to them the noises it was making. They directed me to a place called Harrisons in West Chester, PA that sells Vitamix replacement parts for commercial Vitamixes. Turns out the grinding noise and the blade not turning meant we needed a whole new canister, that some kind of important part wore out. The good news was it only cost us $100.00. We were so scared we'd need a whole new Vitamix! I'm jazzed about the new clean cannister. Mine was about 15 years old!

The bad news is, I'm not sure how i feel bringing my raw machinery on the know, being in someone else's trailer. After discussing it, Cliff is going to ask Ken and see if it is okay bring the Vitamix, and the Cuisinart food processor. We could leave them in the car if need be and break them out when we want to use them. It will give me more variety with smoothies and pate's, etc...

Arnold suggested i bring the spaghetti machine, too, good idea, because when you make spaghetti, at least it feels like a "real meal" when you eat it.

I'm envisioning uncomfortable dinners in a small trailer with me eating cucumber slices, but i just have to make it work, every meal, every day, and make it as comfortable as i can for myself, while not getting in their way, you know?

Tricky situation.

Pray for me if you think of it?

I hope and plan on doing really well, staying raw into my 7th week, which will start this coming Wednesday, and getting lots of exercise in, and getting really really tan! Your positive vibes will help!

Well, gotta run. I've got some packing to do!

If i can get to a library in Ohio, i'll check in!

xoxo michelle joy

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