Sunday, July 3, 2011



Felt so so sick today. I got my period this morning. Remember the period i once described when i was working with Dr. Graham? Where i felt like i was dying? Or like i was giving birth?

This period was sort of like that. Sweating, intense cramping, diarreah. Awful. On and off the toilet all day.

The way i look at it, our periods are already trying to cleanse us. The purpose of the period is to discharge the uteran lining since we didn't make a baby.

Since we're already in a cleansing mode, i guess the body takes the opportunity to ramp things up, way up!

Man, was i sick today.

Well, with raw, detox is a given. We never know how it will rear it's head, but we must respect it and allow it to do it's work.

I was also intensely thirsty! And no appetite. Did i tell you when i first went to OHI, i was intensely thirsty for WEEKS? I knew it was detox. Here we go again!

And, since when don't i have an appetite? Wow. I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking today to quench the intense thirst.

Later, I felt a little hungry and alot thirsty so i sent Cliff to the market for watermelon! It was GOOD! And light.

I don't feel hungry now, so i'm not eating.

The diarreah has continued, but the cramps have gotten better since this morning.

Eating watermelon, i think, won't kick in the cramps again. I was afraid if i ate nuts or something heavy, i'd kick in the intense cramping again. The worst of it was this morning and it's gotten progressively better and better throughout the day.

As long as I abide to the calls of my body, my magical body must know what it's doing! By being raw, I'm giving it the opportunity to clean house. By drinking and eating lightly, i'm giving it the opportunity to rest and take care of what it needs to. By addressing the thirst continually, i'm giving it water to flush out whatever it needs to.

Wednesday, I will be 6 weeks raw! Yeah, baby!

I think i lost about 40 lbs!

I've been exercising regularly. That's really kicked things into high gear.

And i'm basically eating what i want as long as it's raw, sometimes heavier, sometimes lighter. I have a new freedom about raw.

I strive to listen to my body, abide by my hunger/fullness signals and abide by what i'm hungry for. No binges in almost 6 weeks. Did you hear that people? I'm a new woman. When i feel emotional, i cry. I cry a fair amount. And then i feel better.

Also, I'm not weighing myself. This is helping to keep the frustration and discouragement of weight fluxuations at bay that were constant when i weighed myself daily or frequently. Not weighing myself anymore feels like a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. Not weighing myself is keeping binge eating at bay, too. I used to weigh, get frustrated, and eat. Since i don't weigh, i don't get frustrated! I just try to listen, try to abide by my needs/wants, and i try to move.

Well, not today, i didn't move. Only my bowels moved! I've been LOUNGING all day. It would have been good to walk, but i couldn't break myself away from the toilet long enough.

Tomorrow, i'll walk.

Hey, my clothes are looser and my face continues to look more and more like my face!

That puts a SMILE on my face. You have to be grateful, even in the midst of detox and cramps!
Hey, it could be alot worse! I could still be eating cooked and edging towards 4oo lbs again. Now, I surmise i'm edging down the 330's. Soon i'll be in the 320's!! Wow!

BIG SMILE! It's all worth it!

You can't experience the JOY without the accompanying PAIN. You just gotta get through it.

xoxo michelle joy


Kathryn said...

So glad I found your blog! I eat raw too, so I couldn't see why my period be was getting worse! I've been at the raw thing over two years now. Lots of high's & low's, but so worth it! Have you heard of Anthony William? I follow a lot of his advice, which he gives out freely. He actually has a spiritual gift of knowing how to heal with the right food. It's amazing!! He's healed tens of thousands of people who've been from doctor yo doctor with no answers. Good luck on your journey!!


Kathryn, thank you so much for your comment. I had not read this post in a long while and it was good to. I was raw for 3.5 years and then fell off. Email me at I'd love to hear your story. I don't know Anthony Williams, but he sounds interesting! I'd love to hear more!