Sunday, March 13, 2011


FOOD, SUNDAY, March 13, 2011
: SMOOTHIE - carob, blueberry, banana, date

LN: Protein Lunch - cooked yellow peas & millet with a little salt. You know what? The protein lunch held me MUCH better than the carb lunch usually does.

SN: SMOOTHIE: cacao, strawberry, banana, date

5 oz cooked wildcaught salmon with mustard, dill, onions, garlic, a little butter
3/4 cup stringbeans with almond slivers and a little butter
wilted spinach, dry
1/4 cup quinoa, dry, no salt
1/4 cup cooked lentils, salted
1 glass of Riesling

A wonderful dinner in my new clean and beautiful dining room with my Beloved! We made a toast "To Love, To Organization, To De-Cluttering, To fixing up this house during the next 3 months, To Living like we DESERVE to!"

SN: hungry! the rest of the stringbeans almondine and 2 raw germinated almond treats

_ _ _

: Cleaned and decluttered living room! Reorganized living room! Vacumed! Feel renewed and rejuvenated and motivated to keep it going!

EXERCISE: Only from cleaning

COMMUNICATION: Had some good talks with Cliff as we cleaned together! This was a blessed day!

SPIRITUALITY/COMPULSIVE EATING: Deigned my kitchen, "LOVE KITCHEN," where only love occurs. Didn't listen to the Weight Loss Meditation CD today, but was SURPRISINGLY UN-COMPULSIVE!!! Wow! I had a great day! I ate when i was hungry!

BODY SCAN: Felt more energetic today and not depressed. Hey, I can tell i've lost inches by just doing the changes I've done over this past week! More exercise! Better control of my eating! Listening to the CD and working the Williamson book. Wow! My pants are looser!

SINGING: Taped myself today and listened to it. WOW. THIS is what i needed. What an amazing practicing tool. At first i was awful, but i figured it out and directed myself. My perfect technique is a mixture of what my OLD teacher taught me AND what my NEW teacher is teaching me. I guess I just had to figure that out myself. By the way, I delayed lessons with my teacher for a month due to emotional upset about my singing (I was ready to switch teachers yesterday and go back to my old teacher), AND financial issues (gas is high, we're low on funds...), but I'm WAY excited to just lay low, and instead use this tool to assist me. Amen! I'll see my new teacher again closer to Easter. And she will be happy with the work i've done on my own!

EXCITING NEWS: I'm going to be writing a raw cookbook! So many people ask for my recipe for raw toona, I'm excited to share it! I'll keep you updated on the book! I'm going to self publish like Megan did! In fact, Megan is going to help me!!

SUMMARY: A GREAT day! What more can I say? Did well with food. Cleaned. Sang well. Loved my Bunk and had a great not only bonding day with him, but planning improvements to our house. Lemme tell you, for two people who so often get stuck in deep, deep, DEEP ruts, this was a MIRACLE DAY! Talked to Megan about my new raw book. This is how LIFE should ALWAYS be!!! Moving in positive directions!

A short blog entry for once!

xoxo michelle joy

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Karen said...

I love hearing how well you are doing :) Thanks for sharing your victories - that helps me to claim mine.