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There's a smile on my face as I write this blog post!

I just received the most wonderful email from my good friend, "Praizin' Him" Glenda, an angel I met here on the blog. You'll understand the title of this blog entry after you read her letter! Glenda has been emailing me for at least 2 years, i think. She has been a constant friend on this blog, even through the tough times when i felt like I had no blogfriends left.

Glenda, you have such a big heart! You have been such a source of encouragement to me! I inspire you? We inspire each other! It's my very greatest pleasure to write, to express myself in this venue, and that it helps you, i am truly blessed that something good has come through me, after all of this suffering! You are a blessing I am thankful for! Hey, and I am 'praizin' Him' right along side you!

Glenda, your Spirit SHINES through your writing, and I FEEL YOU, I feel this big WARMTH from your letters, and I just LOVE you! You are a dear, sweet beautiful soul, and beautiful woman! We are Two HOT mammas, but someday in the not tooooo distant future, i know we will be happier, lighter, leaner, more glowing, more radiant! There's no stoppin' us, cause "there's a new sherriff in town!"

Everyone, please share your love with Glenda. Add your comments below for Glenda, and cheer this strong lady on.

Glenda and I have both been through the wringer with this eating disorder nonsense, so a word of encouragement to you all:

If WE can do it??????? Hell, ANYONE can do it!

Dear Michelle,

"Tawonda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's what Kathy Bates said in 'Fried Green Tomatoes', when she realized how she had undervalued herself. Tawonda was the woman within Kathy Bates' fearful, timid, doormat, people-pleasing character, who had beauty, strength, value, purpose and who has decided not to be a doormat anymore. (more about this later)

Michelle, I just watched the videos on the sidebar and I was so happy. You are so full of life and joy, even as you struggle. The aria was just beautiful. You are something else. Yes, I agree with you I'm feeling better day by day as I too am doing "A Course in Weight Loss." I feel better about myself and I'm alllowing God to lead and guide me. I'm also falling in love with myself and not waiting for "someday" to arrive and then I'll love me because I'm 100 pounds lighter. I love me now, right now, big and beautiful as I am. I refuse to allow what I believe others think about me matter to me anymore. I too, was running on FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). I am beautiful now, I am a wonder to behold now.

Girl, you have been a blessing in my life and I would not have known anything about Miss Williamsons book,if not for you. I'm on the part of purchasing my place setting for my table of love. I'm excited about getting beautiful things like the glass, plate, napkin, etc. Because i can see and feel the love in that. I'm doing something beautful for me. I NEVER do anything for myself with beauty attached to it for myself. But, Now, I'm starting to learn how to love myself.

I too am not looking at the scale, I'm looking at my God. It almost makes me want to cry to understand that I've treated myself like garbage for most of my life. I've been waiting for the day, somewhere in the future. No more that time is now, just as I am. I deserve better and I will do better for myself.

Next year I will have gone around the sun 60 times and that is cause for celebration right there. All I can say now is that Towanda is in the house and fear, low self-esteem and all those thoughts which seek to undermind this girl, better get to hoppin, cause there's a new sheriff in town who loves herself !!! (Can you feel the high that I'm on right now???????????????)

Hugs and kisses to you. You are a shining light to me.

Thanks for you being obedient and writing the blog to help others travelers along the way.

Glenda \i/ Praizin' Him !

Yes, Glenda, I feel the high, I feel the energy, I feel the love!!!

Can you feel THIS? I'm sending you the BIGGEST HUG right now!!!! xoxox!!!

_ _ _

Let's all send out another hug to my email buddy/blog/Arnold's Way friend, Karen from Ardmore, who send ME the info about the Williamson book from Jinjee Talifero's blog. My gratitude to you, Karen, for your constant availability, your insight, your kindness, your direction, your friendship. Thank you! Sorry i haven't been writing you emails since i started back to blogging.... I'll be in touch soon.

_ _ _

Also, big hugs to my friend, Jan in Alta Deena, CA!!! Hello, Jan!!! When I think of Jan I smile. We've been friends since the first days of OHI when we both met, 4 years ago. You know, I didn't realize it, but Jan mentioned the book to me at one point, too! Thank you, Jan, for planting the seed. Blessings to you, my dear OHI friend! I think of you and pray for your health, wealth and well being often!!! Your friendship is always a blessing to me! xoxo michelle

_ _ _

Sarah writes:

Dear Michelle,

I love to hear the joy in your "voice"! Keep up the fantastic work. You are an inspiration to me. I love how you just keep picking yourself back up. This time I know it's for good. Also, I am so pleased that you don't feel compelled to weigh yourself. The looseness of your pants or skirt is all that matter - and your positive mindset, of course!

I so enjoy reading your blog and I am always updating my fiance on your news like you are a long lost friend.

Thanks for making my day so many times!

Thank you, Sarah! Thank you for the gift of your words! You have truly brightened my day! If I can inspire now...just imagine what good works God will do through me as I continue on this journey of positivity! I'll be positively NUCLEAR in my positive energy output!!!

_ _ _

You know what? How many of you out there LOVE Kathy Bates? I know I do and Glenda does! Kathy Bates is plus sized, talented, vibrant, beautiful, gutsy, sexy and strong! She believes in herself. So, let's take Glenda's leading, and if you're reading this, and you acknowledge you're a strong, gutsy lady who has undervalued herself in the past and you don't want to do that anymore, i want you to shout something with me right now!

Ready? 1...2...3..


xoxo michelle joy

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Karen said...

I'm glowing from the inside out reading today's post :) Blessings on all of us here in this little blog community. I love us!