Friday, March 25, 2011

A day in the life....

Good morning,

It seems like it's a nice sunny day out today in Philly :-))

Cliff, who broke his foot last week, is sleeping in. I'm just fixing myself some breakfast.

Yesterday was a mostly raw day at work. I had carob banana smoothie for breakfast, carob berry banana smoothie for snack, and a big salad with raw "steak" chunks on it (dehydrated patty of beets, cashew, apple, carrot), sprinkled with nutritional yeast, so delish.

When i got home, i joined Cliff for a fish dinner. I was hungry.

I work today at Arnold's Way with Dorinda. We've been making such fun specials: raw scalloped potatoes, nacho cheeze sauce, marinated mushrooms... I'm going to make a new raw cobbler today because the raspberry cobbler I made already sold out!

I'll be working at Arnold's all next week, too. I really enjoy work. I love my coworkers. The customers are great. We have a lot of fun.

Tonight we have the SECRET class.

I watched my favorite show on youtube last night because i missed it on Wed night - America's Next Top it!

Okay, wishing you a nice day!

Decide what kind of day you want to have...and then make it happen.

xoxo michelle

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