Monday, March 7, 2011


Monday, March 7, 2011

Morning Weight: 356.5 lbs

Highest Weight: 425 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 68.5 lbs, YAY! I'm celebrating SUCCESS from now on!

GOAL: To lose 60 lbs by May 7, 2011, putting my total weight loss back at 128.5 lbs.

_ _ _

FOOD LOG - Monday, March 7, 2011

Br: 2 glasses of raspberry banana date smoothie

Snack: x

Ln: 1 cup of mashed potato made with garlic, leek, dillweed, veggie broth and a little butter; steamed veggies; large salad with 1 Tbsp of olive oil, a drizzle of agave, raw vinegar and nutritional yeast

Snack: x

Dinner: 2 homemade tuna patties, 1 cup millet, some lima and butter beans and assorted veggies.

Snack: 2 grapefruit

_ _ _

Gauges how i do day-to-day in the important stuff that will help me keep my food on track...

SCAL-0-meter: I weigh myself every Monday morning, 1x/week, which i did this morning.

goal of 2 hours/day
-I did 1 hour swimming/water walking.
-I did the first portion of the bellydance video (approx 20 mins?)
-I did 28 minutes of the Shim Shin Kee video.

CLEAN-o-meter: Plan to straighten up living room and dining room and vacume as well as do the few dishes in the sink.
-Did the dishes in the sink, will do the living and dining room tomorrow.

NEG-o-meter: LOW! Only good thoughts about me and success today. Feeling positive and motivated!

SECRET-o-meter: Positive thoughts are high. Keep up the good work!

SING-o-meter: I plan to record myself singing more often to get a better sense of how i sound. I practiced a bit today. Want to start recording.

MUSIC-o-meter: Need to listen to music everyday for inspiration. I'm rockin' on Tori Amos lately. Cliff likes to call her Tori Anus and hates her, haha! Her music is strangely addictive and entrancing.

NEGLECT-o-meter: LOW!! Cliff is being very supportive and taking control to help me, such as cleaning up after lunch so i won't snack on leftovers, driving me to the gym so i won't go eat somewhere. I feel heard and cared for.

Reading Marianne Williamson's new book, "A Course In Weight Loss," which seems to be inspiring this new focus on self care. Feel connected to my higher self and my higher power.

: Feeling happy, balanced, motived and grateful, so far.

FRUSTR-0-meter: Not feeling frustrated at all today. I can do this!

: Feel somewhat bloated in the legs. Feel energized after the water jog/swim. My upper back hurts, and my lower back hurts, but I feel motivated to exercise.

HUNG-o-meter: Felt satisfied after breakfast and through exercise. Felt satisfied after lunch, though somewhat empty after lunch, because i didn't eat a salad, so an hour after lunch, i had a big salad and felt satisfied. I felt hungry for dinner and enjoyed it and feel satisfied. If i'm hungry later, i'll have some fruit.

COMP-EAT-o-meter: Did not eat compulsively today at any meal. What a relief! Self control, self discipline, focus and planning are gifts today. Thank you, God, the source of all GOOD.

AQUA-o-meter -
(GOAL 100 oz H2O daily, in addition to smoothies): drank 60 oz so far. Will fill my bottle up again!

Need to keep my eye on doing creative things as an outlet.

: HIGH! Talked about my feelings to Cliff. Writing in my blog is a good form of communication for me. Talked to my mom on the phone. Feel connected. That's so important.

HONEST-o-meter: HIGH! Feel honest and true to myself today.

YES, I logged my food today so far.

GOOD, so far so good!

(how fast I eat): Bkfst - MEDIUM / Lunch - SLOW / Dinner - SLOW

Affirm-o-meter: GOOD! Today's affirmation: "I can DO this! I can lose weight, exercise and conquer binge eating without going away! I can create a retreat at HOME and gather all the support I need!"

GRATITUD-O-METER - Good!!! Mostly I feel grateful for feeling motivated again. Thank you, God!

_ _ _ _ _

Good day, folks,

I'm going to be asking for your support again. I am going to be writing daily again. I am on track today and it feels good. I am following the Anna-Inez food combining plan that Cliff and I have been on, but I've added some variations, in the hopes that having more freedom coupled with more control over portion sizes will reduce binge eating. I will also be monitoring my food intake here, my attitude, emotions, feelings of neglect, water in take, exercise, etc..., and all of the above daily.

Here is my new food plan below. I will leave it open for improvement, but this is how it stands today. Using, I've worked it out to contain approximately 1800-2200 cals a day.

_ _ _

THE NEW PLAN - (Approximately 1800-2200 cals daily)

Breakfast: * 1/2 Vitamix of Fruit smoothie that Cliff makes (about 500 cals)

Sn: * Fresh Fruit optional (50-100 cals)

Lunch: (approx 500-600 cals)
* 1 cup of cooked non-glutenous carb (gluten free pasta, potato, brown rice, etc...) (appox 200 cals)
* 1/2 cup of avocado OR 1 Tbsp butter OR 1 Tbsp oil (about 120 cals)
* steamed veggies (FREE)
* salad greens with raw veggies (FREE)
* 1 Tbsp oil for my salad (about 120 cals)

Sn: * Fresh Fruit optional (50-100 cals)

Dinner: (approx 700-800 cals)
* choice of 8 oz of cooked fish or 14 oz cooked shrimp OR about 1 cup cooked beans OR 3.5 oz raw cheese OR 1/2 cup nuts/seeds (approx 350 cals)
* 1 cup of cooked quinoa or millet (approx 200 cals)
* steamed veggies (FREE)
* salad greens with raw veggies (FREE)
* 1 Tbsp olive oil (approx 120 cals)

Sn: * Fresh Fruit optional (50-100 cals)

* * ANYTHING MEALS - * 2 meals per week - anything I want eaten in moderation

* * ARNOLD'S WAY MEALS - * 2x week I eat all raw and eat most of my meals at Arnold's Way. Affirmations:
I follow my hunger/fullness. I eat what i want. I eat sitting down.

- * 2 snacks per week : 1 cup greek non fat yogurt with 1 Tbsp honey and berries, OR any approx. 200 calorie snack

EXERCISE: * 2 hours total daily to the best of my ability. It sounds like a lot, but if i break it up throughout the day, i can do it. 1 hour IN WATER. 1 hour OUT OF WATER.
1. water jogging
2. swim laps
3. water aerobics class at gym
4. yoga class thursday eves
5. belly dance video
6. Shim Shin Kee - self massage with roller beads, breath and energy work
7. walking outside
8. treadmill at gym
9. weights at gym
10. calisthenics at home while watching TV
11. dancing in kitchen
12. Needok trampoline

_ _ _ _ _

Last night Cliff and I had a "big talk" concerning what I am going to do about my escalating weight and binge eating. I looked into going back to OHI, but finances are an issue. I considered spending time at Anna Inez's house, but again, finances are an issue.

I decided to put more effort into what we have been following (but i have been falling off increasingly), but to change it up a bit to give me more flexibility so i don't have to go OFF of it and feel guilty and set me up for failure if i want something not on the plan. With the flexibility I've added, i can just "work" it into my plan. After making up my mind to do "something" last night, I had an excellent day and decided to create a new sensible plan, including all of the food groups, and is somewhere between 20-100% raw depending on how the day plays out.

I hereby declare that OVERCOMING Binge and overeating and losing weight take LOTS of focus and effort and discipline to achieve, but i know that it's possible and i am willing to work for it everyday to the best of my ability.

I'm measuring my meals now for portion control. I'm eating slowly to ward off binge eating. I'm allowing myself the things I usually binge on in limited ways. I'm reading "A Course in Weight Loss."




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truth_inBeauty said...

If anyone can do it, you sure can!
I love, love, love your O-meter. :)
What a wonderful idea.
I have to say I just found your blog, but you seem like such a lively and inspiring woman; I know you'll succeed with as much joy as you seem to share over the internet.
Overcoming the battle with food can be tough, but you'll succeed!
Good luck and tons of Support!!!
XOXO Hugs.