Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Greetings! Well, long time no see, but no fault of my own. I've been writing, but something crazy is happening with the blog. I've written 3 blog posts and they look normal, and then when i post them and view the blog, they've all come out WITHOUT paragraphs in one huge paragraph. I will try to fix them and post them. Actually, i've tried, but it hasn't helped. The problem persists. So, anyhoo, i'm doing well. Things are really settling in. I had a wild Reiki session, did i tell you about that?, and it really seemed to help TREMENDOUSLY, wow! Not only that, the Reiki therapist, has become an close and encouraging friend. When you feel loved, understood, just do better, anyway. I'm still following the Marianne Williamson book and CD, but in a different easy-going way. Too much effort on my part and not enough surrendering to God, and i get angry when things don't work out. Today i'm accepting of my desires, I'm talking about food, and I'm eating what i want sometimes, like for dinners, and I am asking God to bless these meals. I have faith that he will restore my desires to all raw and soon I won't want food that my body doesn't love anymore. The good news is I've been wanting a lot of raw smoothies and they've been making up the bulk of my day. Dinners have been vietnamese noodles a few times, and today we're having flounder for linner. It's okay. I'll try to get those blog posts up and readable in case you're interested, because i've been on quite the emotional journey, i must say, up and down, up and down, and I keep coming back to realizing, like Willaimson teaches, that LOVE is the only way. SELF LOVE. SELF ACCEPTANCE. Force doesn't work, like with imposing diets on myself. They inevitably fail and i feel like a failure. Instead, i follow my true desires and ask that LOVE lead me. I accept what i desire in faith, knowing that God will bring me back home to raw. Anyway, more another time. xoxo michelle joy

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