Friday, October 1, 2010


Good day, fine folks,

It was a lovely day at Arnold's Way yesterday (I'm working now on Thursdays) made even more lovely by two special events: Megan's new book is now available in soft cover at Arnolds Way..and i ran into a special friend, Matt Warner! That's the gorgeous guy jogging, wowy wowy!

Lady's First! Megan's NEW recipe book was a delight to spot on Arnold's counter, ready to sell...straight from the publisher! I bought the very first newly published copy, and delighted in every page turn, every gorgeous photo, every yummy simple recipe and brilliant nugget of wisdom.

Megan follows a diet that is grounded in avoiding nuts and salt, is lowfat raw, and based on simple, delicious recipes which she has collected for you! You will love and be inspired by Megan's story, her beliefs, her hopes, AND her beautiful luscious healthy recipes, all for you!

Megan's book is available in TWO formats.

You can purchase Megan's book as an E-Book through her website:

Or you can purchase the softcover published 'real' book version through me! There is just something very special about holding a real BOOK in your hands. Please email me your mailing address and how many you would like. (We'll work out the details by email. Here's my email address: The book is $20, worth every penny, and there will be a small shipping charge. After we connect, you can send me a check.)

Megan is currently in Hawaii on a 21 day water fast. To view her most recent video detailing her health and how she is feeling and the most updated news on her recovery, click here:

Here is an excellent video from Arnold, my boss, really detailing CRUCIAL IMPORTANT FACTS and breaking MYTHS about fasting. The video was intended for Megan, who is now in Hawaii, and starts out kinda silly, but turns serious real fast! I think you will find the video absolutely fascinating. Plus, Arnold is half naked and adorable, wearing sunglasses and sitting in his rock climbing room with Stephanie in a pink bikini. So, if nothing else, this video will tantalize and titilate you!

So, the second lovely event to take place yesterday was hotty hot hot Matt Warner's visit to Arnolds Way, and having the opportunity to spend a little time speaking with him as he lovingly (and out of the kindness of his heart) offered to help Arnold put away the mongo amount of refrigerated items that were just delivered. Boxes, and boxes and boxes...! Matt meant to just go shopping at Arnold's, but ended up volunteering his time! Arnold's Way folks are THE BEST!

What a treat it was to just chat with such a great guy, who Arnold refers to as his "idol," and for good reason. Matt Warner has been raw for over 5 years, but began following natural hygiene, or 811, for the last 2.5 years. Matt is, as Arnold says, "hard core" and "super pure" about his diet.

For such a gorgeous guy, there is ZERO hint of arrogance or conceit. Matt has such KIND EYES. You just KNOW he is a GOOD, kind-hearted, special and enlightened soul.

I never knew it, but this buff hippie sporty guy with dreads and a beard used to be chubby and depressed and addicted to cooked food! Was that ever a shocker to discover! Here are some old pics of Matt.

Chub city! Hard to believe it's the same guy! More pics of the current Matt below.

Matt to me (and most of the gals at ARnold's Way) is moviestar gorgeous - a kind of a funky mix between Jesus, Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey!

Matt, the outdoor fanatic, eats only fruit and greens, shuns wearing shoes in public, embraces poverty, rides his bike everywhere, gave up all of his worldy goods, and is planning a cross country trip, get this, on his bicycle! Matt even has solar power hookup on his bike for his phone and computer!

Matt is revealing his new website, which is open to members to JOIN for a small monthly fee to help fund his cross country bike tour. His expenses will be $1000/per month. Any further profit brought in by the website will be donated to Farm Sanctuary. The new website is:

Check it out.

Here's a picture of Matt and Chrissy at their wedding. Matt and Chrissy are no longer together. He's FREE, ladies!!!

Arnold and i shot a video of Matt on Thursday, speaking about the bike tour, his diet, his lifestyle and his new website:

Two people that are HOT STUFF!

Matt Warner. Megan Elizabeth.

As Martha Stewart might say, "It's a good thing."

xoxo michelle joy

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