Friday, October 15, 2010

My Friend, Dorinda & Two Good Days

Hi there,

I've had a pretty good couple of days. I weighed myself this morning and was 317, which is much better than 330. That was very pleasing to see.

Thursday I worked at Arnolds Way and stayed raw all day, even when i went home, yay.

I felt very inspired and blessed by my co-worker, Dorinda Rumbold. She is having amazing success right now in her life and her diet. She has been seeing a therapist-of-sorts who does muscle testing on her. She's been seing him for months now and she's down 35 lbs!

Dorinda is eating mostly raw and all vegan. She eats some cooked, eats very little salt, except for when she indulges in corn chips or a meal out, and she eats very little fat, except for avocado or a slice of raw pie. She used the Weight Watchers point system to help her gauge how much to eat. She is now on "maintenence" and feeling very thrilled to be finally in control of her eating and her weight.

Dorinda has a history is bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive eating.

Dorinda is experiencing miraculous emotional healing as a result of the muscle testing, as well. She credits this emotional healing with her newfound ability to control her eating.

During the muscle testing sessions, the practitioner manipulates Dorinda's body and then notices tension and asks her tense body part, "What happened here when you were young?" Dorinda is coached to say the first thing that comes to her mind, and the practitioner continues to probe her subconcious to uncover the reasons she has been overeating. Dorinda tells me she now knows, "The body doesn't lie." She says, "We may not remember what happened to us, but the body knows." The longer she engages in the sessions, and moves through these emotional "blockages," she finds her ability to control her food intake easier and easier.

She even values herself more. The therapist asked her at the beginnng of their work how much in dollars she values herself. She answered him, "not even a dollar." She also admits that she was suicidal and a "complete mess" at the beginning of their work together. Dorinda giggled to me proudly on Thursday that she now values herself at $125/an hour! That's more like it!

You just have to look at her new trim figure and feel her joyous energy, and you KNOW she has made an incredible transformation. I'm looking forward to hearing directly from Dorinda more about what she eats and more about these muscle testing sessions in an interview I am going to do with her that I will share here at Pure Raw Joy.

So, i was all raw yesterday, yay.

And today i ate two very sensible meals. Brunch was a great big salad with all fresh raw veggies on it, cooked beans, 1 egg, pickled beets and dressing. It was a nice time out with my parents. My dinner was two Wendy's baked potatoes, dry, with ketchup and broccoli on them. I figured i'd save the cheese or butter calories, so that i could enjoy my small Frosty, which i did. It seemed very normal and sensible. That should be my goal more often, "sensible."

I'm okay with how the last two days went. I'd planned on being back on banana island, or something similar, but found moderation instead, and it was okay.

Tomorrow I have my high school reunion, and Sunday i sing my opera.

Wish me luck!

xoxo michelle joy

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rawdesire said...

I am trying to become raw....again. Feeling no support at home makes me always turn to Arnold and his friends. Here I go again. I have already had my green smoothie today. Tomorrow I will begin again.