Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good day! Everything is in the oven for tonight's Sedar. Just taking a quick break!

Since I ate 'cooked' twice yesterday, I thought it would be wise to go raw for today during the day, because I'll be eating another marvelous cooked meal tonight at Mom's.

For breakfast, I had about 5 oranges.

For lunch, I had 2.5 glasses of green smoothie (kale, banana, grapes, apple)

For snack, I had another orange and later a stuffed raw date and later an apple. I was hungry waiting for dinner!

For dinner, we had a wonderful Sedar! I had a peice of gefilte fish, a small peice of matzoh and a little margarine, a small bowl of matzoh ball soup, some mashed potatoes, asparagus, salad, applesauce, and 1 bite of a kosher for passover cookie...(that cookie was not that great).

We had such a nice Sedar and really nice company. I missed my models tonight on America's Next Top Model! Can't wait to watch it on Youtube tomorrow!

xoxo michelle joy

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