Saturday, April 16, 2011


As raw foodies, we need inspiration. We need to constantly keep ourselves interested, learning, excited, aware and hooked in when it comes to raw food. This is key to maintaining the lifestyle, i think.

Last night, while flipping channels, i happened upon a show on local tv, PBS in fact, about raw food! I couldn't believe it. Cliff was waiting for me upstairs in bed, but I couldn't break myself away, it was so inspiring! B Organic was the name of the show. I've since found the website: It's not a raw show, but often features raw segments.

The raw chef featured was Sheree Clark. I really liked her! Sheree's webiste is: She is so real.

I couldn't find a video of this particular episode of b organic, but raw drinks were the focus. Two delicious looking juices were demoed, and a nutmilk. First, a frothy orange juice made from fresh oranges, sweet potato and pear that was called a 'creamsickle juice.' My, my, i wanna try that! (The sweet potato adds no flavor, only thickness/body.) The second juice was a green lemonade. Several greens (kale, romaine, raddish tops), 1 whole lemon, and apple were juiced. Yummy! (I've made something similar at Arnold's Way.) Last but not least, a thick succulent walnut milk was prepared. Soaked walnuts were vitamixed with filtered water, the milk was squeezed out via nutmilk bag, and was revitamixed with dates and vanilla, Mmmm, and served over raw granola. It really got me inspired! I hope to make one of those yummy treats sometime soon!

_ _ _ _ _

My friend, Jan, goes to Raw Food Rehab daily online and has joined their April initiative to GO FRESH! Yay, Jan! Jan works hard daily to stay inspired. Woo-hoo!

I'm also a member on the website, but not in this particular initiative.

I just perused an incredible plethora of raw vegan desserts at Raw Food Rehab. I am definitely getting more and more inspired!

And it's a good family's passover sedar is Monday eve and i'm making a raw vegan pie, something beautiful that i can bring along to enjoy guilt-free,...and my family can have a taste...if they like! Raw pies have no 'hammetz' in them and are kosher for passover! The recipes I perused were definitely getting the gears turning...!

Look at this gorgeous raw cake made by a Raw Food Rehabber!!! The sides of the cake are decorated with Kiwi!

Raw food Rehab is chock full of info to keep the raw foodist fires in you well stoked! It's free to sign up.

_ _ _

Today for breakfast i had about 6 oz of berry banana chocolate smoothie. Wasn't that hungry, so only had a little!

For brunch, we went out. I had about 1/3 of my veggie omelette, 1 slice of rye bread with butter and jelly and about 1/3 of the potatoes. I savored and enjoyed. This is the life.

For dinner i had a bowl of lettuce with alittle more than 1/4 cup of my almond-veggie pate' on top, with 3/4 of a raw tomato, sliced up. A bite of tomato, pate' and lettuce in every bite! The best part was biting into a surprise peice of delicious, scrumptious cilantro from the organic Herb Salad mix. Yum! With all of the rain, i was chilled, so i heated up some veggie broth. For dessert, I had 3 oz of fat free greek yogurt, a banana, grapes and a little raw honey.

I was hungry again later. 1 small banana, 2 tangerines and a mug of raw hot chocolate quieted the belly.

_ _ _ _

I'm noticing I FEEL physically better after I eat raw food than i do when i eat cooked food. After cooked, i do notice an energy slump. It's important to take note of these things. They are all important markers directing the journey!

However, with all of my years of binge eating, i'd just like to ALLOW myself to actually ENJOY cooked food, FINALLY, before i choose to say buh-bye. As long as i stay on this 'intuitive eating' thing and don't binge, I think my process may be like any normal person's considering and experimenting with raw. You grow into it because you WANT to and it makes you FEEL better. A person can't DO something because they SHOULD. That road only leads to binge eating.
_ _ _

So, I do what i can.

I've been keeping a fruit bowl in my bedroom, which has been so wonderful. Everytime i get hungry in the eves up here, i just grab a fruit from it! That's a step in the right direction.

_ _ _

Get inspired!

xoxo michelle joy

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