Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello Folks, 
I am feeling well today and finally more on track with my program!

I just got back from an almost 30 mins walk in my neighborhood, so that was good.  And earlier, Cliff and I went to the Mall for a short walk.  

I'm so grateful that my right knee is feeling much better today.  Pretty normal!  My left knee was REALLY bothering me yesterday, clicking!  It was AWFUL.  But I finally returned to my stretching routine this morning, and low and behold, the clicking almost stopped completely today.  Thank you, God, for giving me the wisdom that returning to my stretching would help!  I was really getting scared.

I have to keep my very regimented program forefront in my mind and accomplish as much of it daily as possible:
  1. wake up - I did!
  2. study - I did!
  3. stretch - I did, several times today, actually, and it really helped!
  4. water 1/2 gallon - missed
  5. cinnamon tea for cleansing - missed
  6. walk - missed
  7. prayer and raw breakfast - I did!
  8. walk - I did!
  9. morning supplements - I took my acedophelous. 
  10. water 1/2 gallon - I did!
  11. work - I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen!
  12. prayer and mostly raw dinner, chewed slowly - I did!
  13. walk - 30 mins!
  14. evening supplements - I did!
  15. water 1/2 gallon - I did!
  16. herbal pooping tea before bed - I did!
  17. bed early - I will!
Cliff and I had Green Smoothies for Breakfast made from swiss chard: swiss chard, bananas, maca, cacao, maple syrup.

Chard makes smoothies jello-ey, like blueberries do!

For dinner, we had Veggie Wraps "Vietnamese" style.  I used Vietnamese rice paper, which you have to soak to soften.  I spread one out, layed a nori sheet on top just because I love nori, then raw swiss chard leaves, veggie strips (carrot, celery, red pepper, jalapeno), zucchini spaghetti, raw cashew red pepper cheeze, tiny bit cooked seitan, fresh cilantro, ginger root, and home made cucumber salad.

Then I rolled the wrapper up and cut in half diagonally.

Traditional Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce.  My rolls were all Vegan...and mostly Raw!

Super pretty and yummers served with a Vietnamese Peanut Sauce I created from Braggs, Honey, peanut butter, raw vinegar, garlic powder, a little olive oil, some water, and fresh raw peanuts chopped in it.  YUMMO!  I found raw peanuts at an Asian store and was excited to experiment.  I guess the sauce could have been really raw had I not used the cooked peanut butter.  I'll try next time!  Note: I now use Braggs today instead of Nama Shoyu.  It contains ALOT less sodium.

Raw salads, veggies, and about 1/4 cup cooked potato accompanied our wraps.  Very satisfying!  

I am slowly getting back on track with my water drinking.  I had 1/2 gallon this morning, and will have another 1/2 gallon now.  Better get to it!!!  Gulp, gulp!

So much water drinking is not easy, but I understand the reasoning behind it.  It really helps that I have my 3 1/2-gallon bottles from the BLLCenter with my name on each.  "MICHELLE'S WATER!"  Otherwise, who drinks all that water, unless one has a system set up, right?  We got Poland Springs Spring Water, and I have my filled bottles in the kitchen, so when I pass them, I realize, it's water time.  Water helps to clear away the toxins, lessens the impact of salt on me, lubricates my tender joints, keeps my bowels regular, reduces my appetite, and quenches my thirst!  I awoke so parched this morning....I gotta get back on track with my 3 bottles per day!

I will also take my supplements this evening, including my colon cleansing powder the Dr. gave me.  Gotta get back on track with the supplements!  

I'm good taking my 2 bags of the Asian Poop Inducing Tea the Dr. recommended for me to get my slugglish bowel moving.  It does induce poops predictably the next morning, like Whammo!     

Wish me luck as I work on becoming more disciplined!  Discipline is a GIFT of a connected Spirit.  And discipline is the ONLY way for me to succeed losing weight, maintaining my new mostly raw diet, and overcoming binge eating!!!

"Ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do!!"  No way around it!

xoxo michelle joy

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