Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Greetings From The Better Living Lifestyle Center

Hello Friends,

My time at the BETTER LIVING LIFESTYLE CENTER ( in Berlin, NJ, just 20 minutes outside of Cherry Hill, has almost come to an end...

I'm sad to leave such a special place of growth, education, discipline and new habits, but excited to get home to Cliff and start my new life together with him.  He will be joining me on my new food plan!

All in all, I am leaving here armed with much: a new eating plan (at least 90% raw / eat only 2 meals a day / drink 1.5 gallons of water daily between meals / an end to binge eating and a continuation losing weight), a new body (30 some pounds slimmer, more toned, a cleaner colon, and tons less water retention as the less toxic the body is, the less water it retains!), a new enlightened mind and Spirit (from prayer, meditation, study), and new emotions (peaceful and content...most of the time!).

Sometimes you just need to get away and have someone wiser say, "Do this!"  You do it.  And, shazaam, you feel better!

Today, as my 21st day is nearing and I will be going home, Dr. Arcilla did another "live blood test" on me.  He remarked how much better my blood looked my 3 weeks back on (mostly) raw with lots of water.  My blood had been thick and sticky before, but is now perfectly fluid, showing that I am no longer dehydrated.  In my first test, he saw fat running around between my blood cells and none was visible on this test, showing that I'm obviously on my way with a much cleaner, lighter diet.  Also, no more evidence on this test of furry-looking cells denoting free radical damage.  Only a few of the cells are still oval shaped, (lack of B complex) the rest are perfectly round.  Cells are still clumped up, unfortunately, meaning I still have lots of internal work to do on building up my enzymes and minerals.  "You need lots and lots of green smoothies!," Dr. Arcilla said.

The Dr. also cautioned me, "You know what you need to do.  Now you just need to develop your regimented and disciplined routine at home.  The only area of weakness I see with you is Discipline."

Wish me well as I recover from a rather painful and troubling challenge with what Dr. Arcilla diagnosed as a Tendonitis or Fasciitis of the right knee.  It is very painful and tight after getting up from sitting, and seems to bother me less the less I walk.  He is cautioning me to not let that area of Discipline slide.  "It WILL get better!"             

Our "walking track," a beautiful road right outside of the Center which  measures 1 mile from the front door to the Main Road and back.  I was up to 5x when my troubles with my knee started....

There I go...on my way!

What a knee must have been hurting!

The gorgeous trees and Autumn leaves around the property.
One day I was walking, swinging my arms lightly, and praying to God, when a leaf floated right from the sky into my open palm.  As i was just talking to God asking Him for confirmation, I marveled at the chances of something like that happening.  It was a wow moment.  And confirmation to me that God hears our prayers.  

Dr. Arcilla running a class on sprouting!

He is an excellent teacher!  So imaginative!  He brings concepts to life!

In just a few days these dormant seeds grew white tails!  We will eat the sprouts tomorrow!
Sprouting is alot easier than I thought.  Step 1) Dr. Arcilla filled large jars with seeds and water and allowed to soak overnight.  Step 2) The next morning, he drained the water out of each jar,added some more water and re-drained, having attached a sheer mesh screen over the top of each jar secured with a rubber band. Step 3) He set the jars upside down down on a 45degree angle facing down on a kitchen drying rack and covered them with a towel. "Sprouts love the dark!," he said.  Step 4) Rinse the sprouts 1x/day...and put back to bed. They were ready in 3 days!  We sprouted lentils, sunflower seeds and fenugreek!  I'll let you know how they turned out!  

This looks like a plate of Tilapia, but it's not....!!!

It's a sweet potato!   A special Japanese kind of sweet potato.  When we all tasted these scrumptious sweet pillows of butter yellow flesh, we went nuts.  The creamiest dreamiest sweet potatoes any of us had ever had!!  I had only a 1/2 of a very small one as I am moderating my cooked food intake.  These sweet potatoes are so sweet, they are dessert in a purple honey, butter, NOTHING needed!  SCRUMPTIOUS as is, just baked!

The very next day, we made the Arcilla's take us shopping (!) so we could ravage a diminishing pile of these unreal jewels of the earth....such amazing sweet potatoes....and take them home with us.
Cliff is going to love these and I can't say I won't be enjoying my small portion either!!'re on candid "yam"-era!

If you eat a little cooked, run to your nearest Asian Market for these purple skinned, buttery fleshed (not orange inside!) sweet potatoes that are sweeter than any sweet potatoes I've EVER tasted.  They are called  KOIMO!  
xoxo michelle joy

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