Tuesday, November 13, 2012


a pretty pic i found of raw salsa

Hello, friends,

How are you all?  I hope you are well.  I am feeling VERY fine, indeed!  I have so much energy today, wow!!  I just got back from a walk with Cliff...it was nice!

My honey and I had SUCH a delicious lunch today, I just felt inspired to tell you about it!  And to update you on my progress!

As I've told you, lunch is Dinner for me (last meal of the day), since I am only eating 2 meals a day now.  It was early at 2 pm.

A luscious pic of guacamole I found.  
It was a hearty meal, so I feel very satisfied and don't expect to be hungry later.  Although, hunger signals popping up from time to time are becoming...normal.  I feel them in the morning, mid day, and sometimes before bed, but incredibly, they are in no way irritating and frightening as they used to be, only a curious sensation, which I can easily bypass.  I'm actually more interested in doing whatever activity it is I'm doing and usually don't give them much notice, unless it's meal time.  I drink some water and that helps.

This must be how "normal" people experience hunger.  It is so new and surreally fascinating!  I guess since my system (colon) is cleaner and more 'normal,' I react more like a normal person, where hunger doesn't COMPEL me to eat IMMEDIATELY or COMPULSIVELY.
A lovely pic of flax crackers I found online.
I make mine so much bigger!  Sandwich size!

Actually, Dr. Arcilla says these are not 'real' hunger signals.  He says they are signals for THIRST!  So, I drink.  And they do go away!

For our lunch, we had RAW RED PEPPER CASHEW CHEEZE spread on RAW homemade FLAX CRACKERS.  We piled RAW homemade GUACAMOLE with tomato chunks and (jarred) SALSA on top, then topped that with RAW CUCUMBER, ONION and JALAPENO SLICES!   Mmm, the open faced 'flax cracker sandwhiches' were absolutely delectable!  I ran out of tomato, so jarred salsa it was.

My red pepper cashew cheeze.
Today's was brighter red from more red pepper
and flecked with green from cilantro.
RAW RED PEPPER CASHEW CHEEZE is easy to make in the Food Processor with the S blade.  I take whole organic dry cashews, maybe 2 cups, fresh red pepper, sliced, usually a whole pepper worth, a few cloves fresh garlic, a wedge of onion, some himalayan salt, maybe 1/4 cup Nutritional yeast, maybe juice of 1/2 a lemon or more, some jalapeno, 1 pitted date, and process, while adding just enough water to create the perfect thick-like-cream-cheese-consistency.  I scrape the processor bowl down a few times and when the cheeze is finely blended, I add fresh cilantro and pulse chop that in.

Man, it is the most yummy cheeze!  This particular one I did not use salt.  Still delish!  

Yummy Romaine Salad....!
I also served a raw ROMAINE LETTUCE SALAD with my homemade Vegenaise-based "RUSSIAN DRESSING" that is one of Cliff's favorites.

VEGENAISE RUSSIAN is easy - In a small bowl, I take Vegenaise, some Ketchup, a little Agave, a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt, a Tbsp or two of Raw Vinegar or Lemon Juice, some Onion and Garlic Powder, and some water and fork blend until smooth.  Easy, vegan and yummy.  Not raw, but fast and simple.  

Not sure if vinegar is bothering me or not!  (We did not use it at the Better Living Lifestyle Center in Berlin, NJ because it is said to impair digestion).  I must say i DO notice my belly feels a little funny after I use it, so I'm going to try to get back to more lemon usage instead.  I can make this Russian Dressing using tomato paste and lemon instead of Ketchup.  Or make it in the Vitamix using raw sun dried tomato.  For that matter, I might as well use Cashews and make the entire thing raw!!  I'll keep you updated!

Cliff led us in prayer before we ate, and let me just tell you, this prayer thing is not only having an incredible effect on my diet, but on our relationship...and on our HOUSE!  Did I tell you Cliff painted the living and dining rooms?  If you know about all of my woes with a messy house, you will be gladdened to hear that we are becoming super organized, super tidy and super responsible for beautifying our house.  We are becoming our best selves, and are so energized by this, and feeling so in love!  You know what?  God WORKS.  Connecting to positive energy brings about positive change!

I'm doing so well with my new program.  I haven't had any binges at all!

Connecting to positive energy brings about positive change!

I will get weighed at Dr. Arcilla's at my monthly office visit beginning of December and let you know how I'm doing weight wise.  I decided it is best for me to not stir up all of those insane and obsessional Eating Disorder Demons about pounds gained and lost.  Persistent and consistent Lifestyle changes are the most important thing!
If I continue to live binge-free, eat only 2x a day, continue with green smoothies for breakfast and mostly raw for dinner (as I have consistently been doing), and walk, and drink my water and take my supplements and herbs, and bypass hunger, and chew and chew, and end up eating less (but absorbing more nutrition and being more satisfied), I don't see how I WILL NOT eventually lose ALL of my excess weight!  YIPPEE!!!

I have decided how my weight works itself out from day to day or week to week is NOT my business.

The OVERALL WEIGHT TREND is what is important.  

I do know this - my bras are getting too big and my pants are baggy!

The Doctor has me taking some appetite suppressing herbs, too, which I think are helping.

I do struggle with getting all of my water and walks in, sometimes in a BIG way, and often fall completely short of the daily goal, but I just keep plugging away and try to do better, one day at a time.  

All in all, I feel I am in a very blessed, sane, Divinely supported state of reprieve from food compulsion and I am so grateful!!!

Persistent and consistent Lifestyle Changes are THE MOST important thing!

Raw blessings to you, dear people!

Please keep in touch and let me know how YOU are doing!!!  I love to get emails!

xoxo michelle joy    

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Anonymous said...

Hope the fact that you haven't posted for so long doesn't mean things are going badly. By the way, have you read Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen? She also has a blog - google it. I had a binge eating/bulimia issue for 10 years which I thought was hopeless but using her theory I haven't binged or purged for two weeks - and it hasn't been difficult. I know it's early days, but this feels different to all the other things I have tried. Maybe it will help you too.