Thursday, February 11, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'!

Happy Snowy morning!

We've got over 3 feet of snow here in Philadelphia from 2 blizzards within the past weeks!

Yet, I'm still going strong with my program with Carlene...( Come wind, come rain, come snow...nothing can stop me!!!

I've been walking daily for an hour or more (even in the midst of a blizzard with snow absolutely PELTING my face so hard, it hurt!)! Often for well over an hour. Many times uphill. Lately wearing 10 lbs hiking boots with 4 layers of clothing on. I'm GETTING my exercise!

And you know what? For all of the effort it's WORTH it!!! May i never ever forget that!!! You know that feeling when you contemplate exercise and you say, "Nahh, i don't FEEL like it." Don't give into that. It's easy to WANT to, to remain inactive, but the cost of inactivity is really not worth it. You get fatter and more depressed and weaker everyday. Are you really happy?

I tell myself lately that thing about Pain. We feel pain either way. Either we feel the pain of being fatter and more out of shape and more depressed. Or we feel the pain of going up hill, of our muscles hurting, of our feet hurting, of regret, of facing ourselves and not liking it. We feel pain either way. When we exercise, that pain is at least going to GET US SOMEWHERE. And that somewhere is closer to our goals.

And, the high you get from actually accomplishing what you set out to do, the feelings of self esteem and empowerment you get after you're done is priceless. The pride you feel weighing yourself and seeing you lost another pound... IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

And, it FEELS good. And the more you do it daily, the easier and easier it gets. You know how when you start out to exercise again you feel like crap because you're muscles are so weak? You just need to get OVER that. Don't give up. Because if you stick to it, daily, you WILL get stronger and stronger and then, like i do now, you WANT to walk everyday. And when you see a hill, you won't want to avoid it, you WANT to climb it.

In the snow, Cliff and i have been walking on flat ground. I am incredlous that a walk on flat ground doesn't even FEEL like a walk to me anymore it's become so easy.

I experienced this wonderful euphoric feeling from exercise this past summer. Remember?

Who could have EVER thunk i'd be feeling this in the WORST winter Philadelphia has had!!! Cliff and I are making memories and bonding during all of these wonderful walks in the snow, even in a blizzard. We feel like kids! We have that child-like sense of adventure back!

One more note: i am ALSO unbelievably SHOCKED how quickly i've regained strength and have gotten fitter and fitter and fitter in just 2 WEEKS of daily walking. i feel like a new person.

I've lost 18.5 lbs since working with Carlene on "Finding my best diet." That's almost 2 sizes! (10 lbs a size). No wonder i feel like a new person. I'm looking like 'myself' again. Me at 293.5 didn't look good or make me feel good about me. Now that i'm 275 again, i'm back in the zone i was more comfortable with. It's a little frustrating to know that it will take about 1.5 months longer to get back t 250, but, i feel like i'm on a roll and want to continue what i'm doing.

I'm about 50% raw now. I used to be 100%, but somehow feel more normal now. The only way i could lose weight on raw anymore was to do 80-10-10. I really didn't LOVE that. I wish i could be like so many people i know and eat gourmet and lose weight. I invariably always succumbed to binge eating and couldn't lose weight.

I've said it once. I'll say it again. EVERYONE has to find their OWN way. What works for you may not work for me. What works for me may not work for you. Trial and error and lots of perseverance are key.

My energy is great, though, so i'm not really concerned at this point about the cooked food. For me being able to control myself is paramount, and since i am, i'm thrilled.

The only drawbacks to not being 100% raw are:
- being puffy in the morning (cooked food face)
- maybe losing my fertility (my boss, Arnold, says that if i stayed 100% raw i could be fertile into my 60's. i don't know how true that is, but since i'm not ready to have children yet at 42, i'd hate to go into menopause and lose my chance forever. there always is adoption, though)
- losing the respect of beloved friends who are 100% raw
- losing my identity as a raw foodist
- snoring lightly (as a 100% raw foodist i did not snore at all)

For the record, I've been drinking lots of green smoothies, eat lots of fresh fruit, lots of fresh veggies, keep my caloric intake from 1400-1800 on most days, (one day i had 2500), keep well below 30% fat (usually less than 10% fat), well below 3,000mg of sodium (usually zero), and take in about 20% protein.

The cooked part of my diet consists of tons of cooked veggies and lentil beans. But, lately, i've also been having eggwhites. And yesterday for the first time i had 1 cup of spelt pasta.

In some sense i feel like i'm on weight watchers. I have a caloric limit and certain guidelines for fat and salt and protein. I read labels. I make choices. I feel EMPOWERED. Rather than cooked being a bad evil thing for me at this point, i feel like i'm learning how to live long term....without binge eating.

For a binge eater to be eating sorta 'normal'...and not to be binge eating? Amazing.

If and when i do decide to go back to 100% raw, it will be a CHOICE. Not because i HAVE to, but because i WANT to. We shall see!

The things i can attribute my newfound sense of control are:
- the fact that i'm not taking in ANY SALT and barely any fat. Severely restricting these two substances has been the key so far in helping me stay in control. I actually enjoy bland veggies and bland soups now. And they don't get me so excited. It seems to be working
- having support, a coach, has been invaluable. we often disagree, but the support is immeasurably important to my success now
- using I write my food down during the day and then input into fitday at night. I also use the journal portion of fitday, as well as the activity tab to track my exercise. i highly recommend!!!

xoxo michelle joy

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