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Dustin Kellogg Interview Part II - "Surrendering Completely To Imagination, Creativity & Creation!"

Q: I've always heard cannabis makes people have the munchies!! It seems to have had the opposite effect on you!

A: There is a bunch of info coming out about the healing effects of cannabis... I would like to help get this info out along with raw food.

Q: Something you said in your interview really made a huge impression on me about being "blocked" artistically. I've always believed that one of the keys to overcoming my addictive needs for food would be to be flowing artistically and creatively. I see very much that you and meredith are fully FLOWING!!! Talk to me about this.

A: When Meredith and I got together about five or so years ago, it wasn't easy at first. We moved-in together after dating for 4 months and we had a lot to learn about each other. She had just left 'Fashion School' and she wasn't doing anything creative. She would just work and then sit around like a lump and usually give me some sort of guff about what I was doing. I finally had to tell her to "start being creative!"... I told her that she was a creative person by nature, most of us are (I would say we all are, in some form), but I said "you're a creative person and you're not creating... instead you're worrying about what I'm doing all the time"... it was driving me a little crazy at the time, but I loved this girl... so I shot it to her straight. A couple weeks later she started sewing and then started making cookies, cakes and all sort of yummy treats and she was transforming before my eyes. What has saved my life, Meredith's life and our Relationship is surrendering, completely, to Imagination, Creativity and Creation... I think these are the foundational forces of all living things. When we create we are in the flow... and it can be cosmic... we realize it's our purpose, "why we are here" and I see that you are a fellow creative as well. This life is really magical, it's really special and we are all Divine Beings... no bullshit. Forget religious rhetoric and fluffy nansy-pamsy talk... I'm talking about brass-tax... we are DIVINE.

Q: Fear and self-doubt have stopped me from pursuing a professional singing career. Fear i'm too old, fear i'm too fat, fear i'm not good enough. Talk to me about fear.

A: We have to face the fear, at some point or another, that we are Divine, God-Like Beings. That we are capable of soooooooooo much more than what we are exhibiting. And I don't want to get down on humanity but we are not supposed to live the way we are living... we are destroying ourselves. We are soooo not the fat, lazy, ignorant, unmotivated, unmoving, individuals that we all pretend to be. I believe what happens is that either our Parents, or our Society, most of the time both, fuck us up so bad that we think that we aren't worth it... we think no one loves us and that we are alone. This just isn't the case.

Q: Wow, this really reminds me of that saying attributed to Nelson Mandella...that we are afraid of our own divine light...and NOT that we are weak....but POWERFUL beyond our wildest imagination. I also heard someone say that each of us is this huge sparkling diamond. But we've allowed the diamond to be caked over with shit. And then we put nailpolish on the caked on shit. Instead we have to KNOW we are the diamond and get rid of the shit.

A: Even if we were locked up in the darkest cave, in the most remote part of this planet, we are never alone... and we are always worth it. The sooner I realized that, the sooner I could allow myself to heal. And the crazy thing is it's only been a Year and Three months... and so many things have happened and changed.

Q: On another topic, how do you deal with cravings?
One thing that kept me going through the cravings, is that one time I asked you "Michelle, have you eaten cooked food since you went Raw, two years ago?" You gave me this funny look like I was out of my mind and then you said "No, why would I do that?"... I can honestly say that there have been times when I wanted to take, since being Raw, bacon cheese burgers and deep fry them... stuff them inside an "everything" pizza, and deep-fry that, with a side of large fries (with mounds of ketchup and vinegar) and a super-sized cherry coke and just go to town... but then I think back to the response you said "... why would I do that?"... and I always get through the craving.

Q: Wow, i'm honored that i had an impact on you about staying raw, now that i've been struggling myself! Now that i've been to the other side and have had the fried onion rings and the fried eggrolls, i'll say, it's definitely NOT worth it. You have PURE RAW JOY! And fried food doesn't offer any joy! Well, maybe a very temporary one. But, it's like heroin. It leaves you only wanting more and more. At the expense of your entire life. I don't know why i ever gave in. I'm sorry i did. I'd much RATHER have stayed raw. These last months have been full of struggle and lots of steps backwards. It wasn't worth it. I hope i can influence you again in knowing that you don't want to go there....!

I say that Raw food is easy and it is effortless, which it really is, but there are times when I just crave the worst food ever... and I just put myself back to that time when I ate that food... it's not worth it... it's poison... it really is fucking poison. I wish it wasn't because I love food. I love smelling it. I love tasting it. I love it. I want to eat it all. But my body doesn't want me to and it feels so much better to listen to my body.

Q: I was also really strongly impacted by what you said about you telling yourself 'I weigh 200lbs' and then a year later, you did. I forget so often to apply what I know about the law of attraction. People with cancer can cure themselves by just thinking about being healthy. So why can't i think myself thin like you and Tim Arnold have done????!!!! I'm a strong person, but I don't act like it often, and get to a place where i feel so utterly helpless, especially when it comes to being caught up in cooked food. I need to put so much more time and effort into thinking about what i WANT and in manifesting my desires and dreams, because I know that if I put energy there, things will begin to happen. Talk to me more about this.

A: And I totally see you as an opera singer, you are amazing and you know it! Now start acting like it!!! hahaha... and you know you can take it as far as you want to take it. I see you as being anything you want... really. You have so much life and you have a deep, deep story to tell... you have so much to express, so much to tell the world. And you have the best thing going for you... you are super-honest person... some may say a little tooo-honest, but fuck those people, we need more honest people these days. Hahaha.

Q: Also, what shone forth in the interveiw through all of the technical diet questions is that you direct yourself....and believe your desires for food...are GOOD! You have totally inspired ME to commit to getting more in touch with who I really am, honoring what I really like, honoring my music and art and pursuing it more, falling in love again with raw food and not seeing it as bad or dangerous or fattening...and believing what i'm doing is good. When i first went raw, i 'believed' gourmet was GREAT for me, healing me, and it did! I lost 140 lbs eating gourmet raw. I know i can do it again! I can learn to trust myself and allow my 'best' highest self to lead me.

A: I remember the night that really turned things for me with the "raw-thing". It was my third night RAW and I was lying in bed, completely freaking out staring up at the ceiling. I knew that this was "real" and that in a very short while I was going to be skinny. I was freaking out because I was scared not to be "big" or "fat". I had accepted this about myself and even though I wasn't "really" comfortable with being overweight, I had tricked myself into thinking that I was fat and that's the way it was going to be. What would people think if I wasn't fat? Would they think I was weird? Would they think I wasn't me? Everyone knew me as Dustin "THE BIG GUY". That night, I faced my self and I let the fat kid go... I cried a bunch... fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning, It was On!! I knew after that night, there was no looking back. I knew that I had to lose weight and heal myself and I knew that I was going to do it.

Q: Thank you so much for your empowering viewpoint, for your honesty and your strength! Any last words?

A: Michele, stay strong... listen to your heart and your body and let them guide you... no one else. ::)



"Om Eim Saraswatyei Swaha!"

xoxox michelle joy

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I have been reading your blog for a while, but I have really been drawn to these interviews and felt I should share my insight. I have learned so much from you. I too struggle with weight and have been partially raw for about six months. I have not lost any weight. I know I need to just get on board and do it all the way if I want to see results. Many of the self issues you are facing, I face daily. As someone on the outside looking in having never met you, I can say I see a beautiful woman who shares herself so openly. You are far too beautiful a soul to doubt yourself. The person you describe wanting to be, is the person who presents on this blog. I see you as a singer and a raw foodist who embraces the joy of life, because that is what you have presented for awhile. You are a leader who inspires others without even knowing it. I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you have given me from your own experiences and the comfort of knowing I am not alone. Hopefully, when we are ready we will transform as Dustin and Tim have and then we will truly be the same beautiful people on the outside as we are on the inside. I wish you the best of luck in finding your true self and the path that is right for you. You truly are an inspiration. Thank you!

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