Monday, February 15, 2010

The Coat is Getting Looser!

Here i am weighing 293.5...

Here i am weighing 274...

I was hoping I could see more difference between the two pictures, but when i look closely, I can see that my coat (the same coat as above in a different pattern) is not pulling around the belly and the buttons are now loosely laying against me, instead of stretched across me. Oh, well, at least I can see it!!!

My work with Carlene is going well! Somehow she really motivates me to exercise. I walk an hour or more a day without fail! Even in the cold, in the snow, in a blizzard, I get it in, no matter what! No excuses! And when i'm too tired or it's too late to walk outside or go to the gym? I've even done my hour - walking in place - in front of the TV to "CRIMINAL MINDS", my new favorite show!

I'm sure i'm losing inches, but the pounds have been slow going after the initial quick drop of 13 pounds in just a few days. I've lost about 19 lbs so far. It would be nice if it were quicker, but where really has quick weight loss ever gotten me?? I've done it here MANY times only to gain it back right away on a binge or a binge that never ends.

I'm accepting slower weight loss. What's the rush??? I haven't had ONE binge since i started the program with Carlene to find my "perfect diet."

Everyday, I write my food in, i journal, i mark down my exercise, i email her, and twice a week she calls me. Aside from Carlene's support and the support of, i check in with myself...i try to pay attention...i try to address my needs, daily.

Foodwise, everyday i wake up to a big green smoothie and E3Live. After that, it migh be a chopped raw salad, or big leafy green salad with homemade hemp dressing, or just more fruit, or maybe my home cooked no salt/no fat lentil veggie soup, or an eggwhite omelette with tons of veggies, or a baked potato with 2 Tbsp of homemade hemp milk, garlic and steamed greens and lemon over it. Aside from that, I eat tons of fruit all day, a healthy lowfat dinner, and often just have fruit for dinner. Generally, i'm getting in somewhere between 1400-1700 cals a day, 50% raw, with no more than 30% fat.

For a Valentine's treat, Cliff took me out to ALL THE WAY LIVE, a raw food eatery in Germantown, Pa. . I was able to have a wonderful meal there, but still stick to my guidelines for calories and fat.

[And by the way, isn't my Cliff a sweetheart? He wrote "CB loves MS" in the snow with his finger for his Valentine...ME...outside of the cafe'!!]

The raw apple pie is "to live for", and the salads are fantastic. My favorites are the quinoa salad (cooked), and all of the raw salads: corn salad, kale salad, seaweed salad, marinated mushrooms, cabbage slaw, sprouted wild rice salad.

When you order, you get a choice of 3 or a choice of 5 "plops" in a lovely wooden bowl. I ordered 5 plops of the salads i like. Delish!

Maybe next time i go, i'll try to reign myself in with 3 of the plops. After working up the numbers on, a meal there is fattier than i've been eating. But, it's a nice treat for every once in a while.

There was a time when all i did was binge on raw gourmet food. Now, i'm learning to moderate myself, and make better choices. I'm so pleased!!! I used to eat 2 of the 5-plop meals myself, plus 2 desserts. And i'd order the fattier hummus. Now i choose the veggies. I'm improving....I'm getting better!!!

Though i've been 50% raw, I'm not married to it. I found eggwhites make me snore! So, they are now on the 'every once in a while' list. I'd like to continue to up my raw intake, but I'm on a discovery to see what WORKS for me.

Overall, I'm learning to make healthy choices, learning to honor my needs, and learning to keep treats within reason. This new plan has a goal of LOW FAT and LOW SODIUM for weight loss. But, i've found the plan has really eradicated my desires to binge. Amazing!

Plus, the amazing knowledge imparts really helps me to make better choices. For instance, something like fried onion rings which i binged on non-stop before calling Carlene can cost me 700 calories, half of those in fat. They're just not something that should be on my food 'repertoire' anymore. Since they're over 30% fat, they should just not be for me. Bye bye!!!! The same goes for fatty raw nut pates and raw bread, something i can never stop munching on once i start. Nut pates are well over 50% fat. Shalom, my old lovers!

I run into problems constantly with these fatty/salty foods and have trouble taking just a little. And when i eat them, my desires for fat and salt escalate so, i just go bonkers. It's not unusual on a binge for me to eat 2 orders of fried mozzerella sticks, 1 order of onion rings, 1 cheesy mayonaisey boca burger wrap, plus a whole small pizza, washed down with 2 bottles of coke.

That's a 3,000 calorie "meal" right there, and half of the calories are from fat. You eat like that...and the next day, all you WANT and CRAVE is fatty salty food. You get it out of your system, and it's smooth sailing.

Something like a small banana whip, roughly 250-300 calories, makes a nice treat for me, now.

So, to summerize, in living in the grey, in having some healthy cooked and some healthy lowfat raw, in exercising daily and in making choices, but in giving myself healthy treats (within reason) when i need them, i've managed to HALT BINGE EATING COMPLETELY over the last weeks, and let go of some pounds, slowly. And letting go of overly salty and overly fatty foods has also cut the terrific cravings for these foods dramatically. WOW!

So, one day at a time, i'm still truckin!

I'd like to lose the next 74 lbs...and weigh time for an October wedding...MINE!!! Say HI to my darling, Cliff! He is my baby, my lovey, my friend, my companion, my support. I adore him!

xoxo michelle joy

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