Thursday, May 24, 2012

MEDICAL INTERVENTION - 370 lbs to 351 lbs in a WEEK

I've complained about my feet here.  But suddenly, last week, everything came to a head.

Lately, my feet always hurt at work.  I'm excessively heavy and it goes with the territory of being on your feet for 6-10 hours a day, several days in a row, prepping food.  But my right foot/shin, I broke in high school and that foot always gives me trouble when it's going to rain and the barometric pressure gets high, or I spend too long on it, and it aches.  Lately, i noticed some red blotchy spots around the ankle which has really frightened me.  There were more the next time I looked.  I've been having more and more pain in that foot, and after having to spend long hours on it, cooking, it has been terribly painful, and the red spots grew.  I've been very scared.  

Maybe I had a stress fracture from the sheer force of standing on it so long at my weight?

The other night, I had a singing performance and could barely stand on that foot for an hour i was in so much pain.  Plus my feet and ankles and legs were also very very swollen, even though i had stopped eating salt and gone back to raw.  That was the third day, and still the water didn't leave my legs.  I could barely walk to the car after singing.

Finally, my mother insisted and I went to the Doctor.

The Doctor said, from my weight, I have developed poor circulation, and those discolorations are dead blood vessels.

You know people who develop blue feet?  I think i was on my way there.  

So, she put me on a temporary diuretic to "lower the pressure" in my legs/feet, which she said should alleviate the swelling and the pain immediately.  After I take the diuretics, I am to remain on a course of B6, which naturally keeps water retention at bay.  She suggested I lay off of salt, which I intuitively had been and have been.  After the diuretic, my legs are comfortably un-swollen again and the pain IS improved.  She also prescribed tight compression socks that I've been wearing all day now to help the water not pool in my legs/feet.

The body can only take so much.  That foot/ankle/shin area was already weak, and my circulation always poor -  I have always been one to retain fluids.  My weight and my return to binge eating near about killed me.  I was running on adrenalyn, basically, just getting by, suffering, in denial....

~ ~ ~ ~      

I've been raw with Cliff now a week.  My weight went from 370 to 351 in a week because of raw and no salt and the diuretic.

All in all, to get better, the Dr. said I must lose weight, avoid salt, avoid sitting long times or standing long times, exercise and move as much as possible, wear the socks, and take a break from work, where i stand on my feet for long periods.  Things should improve and get better and better as i lose weight.

I also know raw will work on healing me again.  

Suddenly, i'm very CLEAR about what to do with salt.  No more talk of wanting salty gourmet raw.  It's very clear it's not good for me now.

Suddenly, it's very clear binge eating must be avoided at all costs.    

This 'healing opportunity' is really all for the best and I am exceedingly grateful for it, and to be back on track.  I am on the road to getting better, my weight is coming down, and Cliff and i are both feeling better.  Together.

"The body will do whatever it needs to for the love of who you are."  My wonderful boss, Arnold Kauffman says that alot.  My foot/ankle/shin knew I needed a break, knew I needed to get my health back under control, get off of salt and lose weight.  Thank you, feet!

Symptoms...are our friends.     

Weighing 351 again is an amazing amazing blessing.  In just a few days, i'll be in the 340's, then the 330's - what I weighed last year when i worked with Dr. Graham!  Then, soon, I'll weigh 299 again like I did when I first started  Those will be big milestone of success.    

I've been walking and water walking.

The foot hurts, but is much improved.  I'm on my way and have a lot of gratitude for this wonderful body that lets me know what it needs.  I just have to be smart enough to listen.

xoxo michelle joy

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zen thyroid said...

M Joy~ Sending you and your feet love and healing energy. You somehow found a way to make a medical situation into a positive. You are amazing!!!! By the way, LOVE the recipes you have been posted.

GO Raw Couple!!!