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I just arrived back home from a water-walk at the Health Club.  Very refreshing!  And while I was in the pool, one of the staff needed to test to pool's pH.


Well, as it turns out, pH is one of the most important factors in pool water balance and it should be tested and
 corrected at least every week.

pH talk is big in the raw food world.  But I never really understood it.

Turns out, pH is the measure of how acid/ alkaline something is.  In this case, we're talking  swimming pool water. For that, a pH of 7.0 is neutral - below 7.0 is acidic, above 7.0 is alkaline. (The pH of our eyes is 7.2 . No wonder that the ideal pH for your pool is just that - 7.2.)

It's interesting to note that if a pool becomes too acidic, it becomes a haven for algae growth, the pool tile and surface will degrade, metals and pumps and equipment will corrode,  the surface of the pool will form ugly black and brown stains, chlorine will not be effective and our eyes and nose will burn and our skin will get dry and itchy.

Conversely, if the pool is too alkaline, scaly calcification lines develop at the waterline, the pool becomes cloudy and murky, the filters stop functioning, chlorine is also ineffective, and our eyes and nose will also burn and our skin will become dry and itchy, too.

So, what's this all have to do with raw food and the human body, you ask?

Well, it is a FACT that a swimming pool tends towards acidity, just from daily use.  Staff members have to add alkalizers to the pool water to keep it in balance.

The human body is the same!  The human body tends toward acidity...just from daily use!  WE have to add alkalizers to keep ourselves in balance.  This is just the way God made us!  

Just like a pool growing algae, if WE (who already tend toward acidity) become overly acidic because not enough alkalline is coming in, we manifest our own type of "algaes" - an amalgam of disorders, diseases, and maladies.

After all, we are 70% water!

How can we bring our acidic-prone bodies into their proper pH balance?

By adding alkalinity!  Much as the staff members at the Gym have to do.

The fact of the matter is - the human body has NO OTHER WAY of taking in it's balancing alkalinity to keep our acid level and pH balance in check.... than by ingesting alkelizing foods.  There is just no other way.  We must maintain our "pool of water," just as the staff at the Health Club must do to their pool.    

So, wouldn't you want to know which foods are alkalizing and help us maintain a perfect pH?
Well, it would seem that God already told us the Bible.  God created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, (coincidentally not, i think) to contain just the foods they needed to eat to keep the marvelous human body healthy.  (And the serpent wasn't one of them!)

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Genesis 1:29 
After Noah's Arc and the Flood, God allowed man to eat meat as all of the vegetation on the Earth had died.

However, I don't think God intended us to be abusing that "right".  Cultivated society has processed and degraded food to such a degree, all in the name of profit, that what is healthy for us, barely exists the average consumer.

Apparently, back in the 1900's, the human diet consisted of only 5% organic flesh protein and dairy, and 95% organic plant based foods.  Almost no one had cancer back then.  And no one was making money off of processing foods.

Look at the average American diet today.  It consists of almost TEN TIMES the amount of protein as in 1900.

And as protein intake has soared, so have our incidents of cancer.

Not to mention, we've strayed so far from our "organic" past, with all of the pesticides and depleted soils and factory farms, it's a miracle we have any nutrition coming in at all.

In terms of pH, I find it wondrous that God's IDEAL diet-instructions for man should consist of alkalizing fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for these acid-tending bodies.  He just knew what we needed.  And that flesh proteins, dairy, and grains, which should be kept to a minimum, are coincidentally, acid-forming, and eating too many of them would cause the human body to become too acidic.

So, how is the average American joe, eating a cheezeburger, fried mozzerella sticks and a coke....balancing his pH?  He's not.  Hence, all of the diseases we have.

It's worth mentioning again - just as the swimming pool whose pH is out of whack grows algae, when our pH goes out of whack, we develop: heartburn, cancer, heart attacks, obesity, tumors, rashes, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, etc...  The list goes on and on.

What does the pool staff do if the pool becomes too acidic and grows algae?  Cut it off?  Daily?

No, they change the pH of the pool, and don't perform "surgery" on the "symptoms".

~ ~ ~

According to Dr. Joel Robbins in his film, "Healing Through Nutrition," the human body will not be in the proper pH for health and well being unless we ingest at least 80% raw alkelizing fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and keep the cooked acidifying foods to a minimum of 20%.

When it comes to alkalizing foods, the more the better.

However, according to Dr. Robbins,

"It is not unusual for the average American to go 7 to 14 days without eating ANY alkaline foods."      

No wonder why we are so sick.  We have a scaly pool...inside of us!

The Garden of Eden teaches us what God's idea of the BEST and most IDEAL diet for humans is - and it just so happens to be an alkalizing one, just what we need.  
Not that we even all have to "go raw" to be healthy, but it seems there is great wisdom in God's green Earth, eating most of our food, just the way He made it.    

~ ~ ~

I passionately implore you to read below notes from Dr. Joel Robbin's video, "Healing Through Nutrition," The following is probably some of the most IMPORTANT information you will come across in terms of pH and how it affects the human body.  Please read!:

The Textbook of Medical Physiology by Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., probably the most recognized authority on human physiology states: "...the regulation of hydrogen ion concentration (pH or acid/alkaline balance) is one of the most important aspects of homeostasis." (Homostasis is where the components involved seek an equilibrium.)
Definitions:ph = measure of how acid or how alkaline a substance is.
ph scale = scale of measurement for acidity and alkalinity.

All chemical processes have an ideal pH at which they are most efficient. For example the body functions best with an internal chemistry being slightly alkaline (pH of 7.0 to 8.0). The pH of the blood is even more specific: 
Blood ph 7.4 = Normal 7.2 = Death
Our internal body chemistry functions in an alkaline environment. Our blood must maintain a pH of 7.4. If it drops below that to 7.2 we die.
The cells of the body in health are alkaline. In disease, the cell pH is below 7.0. The more acid the cells become, the sicker we are and feel. The cells won't die until their pH gets to about 3.5. Our bodies produce acid as a by-product of normal metabolism. This is the result of our bodies burning or using alkaline to remain alive. Since our bodies do not manufacture alkaline, we must supply the alkaline from an outside source to keep us from becoming acid and dying
Food is the means of replenishing the alkaline to the body. The main determining factor of alkaline is the organic minerals. One can equate organic minerals with alkaline for better understanding.
Foods are of two types, acid or alkaline. This refers to the ash value of a food. (Meaning the type of residue that remains after the food is digested and processed). Is it acid, or is it alkaline? If there is an acid residue (inorganic acids), the body must neutralize this acid to keep the blood from getting acid. The acid is neutralized with alkaline.
Ideally there is adequate alkaline in the diet to do this. However, if there is not, the body must extract alkaline from its cells to neutralize the acid. This, of course, causes the cells to become acid, and thus diseased. Because our bodies are an alkaline entity, in order to maintain health, the majority of our diet must consist of alkaline ash foods.
We can remain in health by consuming a diet that is at least 80% alkaline and no more than 20% acid. The more alkaline the better. If we become too alkaline by eating a majority of alkaline foods, we will lose our appetite and automatically want to fast, during which time the normal acid metabolic by-products will return the body' s pH back to normal. It is interesting to note that some foods which qualify as a real food have an acid ash reaction. This is probably nature's way of keeping a balance so that the real food consumer does not become too alkaline. Also note that the acid content of these acid ash real foods is very low and they still contain valuable nutrients which can be utilized by the body.
Below is a chart of the acid and alkaline foods.
Acid/Alkaline BalanceThe breakdown of foods into acid ash and alkaline ash categories would generally be as follows:
NOTE: Foods in the Acid Ash column are listed in order of least acid to most acid; in the alkaline ash column, foods are listed in order from most alkaline to least alkaline.

(cranberries, blueberries, plums, prunes, squash)
(cheese, eggs, milk, etc)
(almonds, pecans, cashews, etc.)
WHITE MEAT (fish, fowl)
Raw, Rare, Well Done
RED MEATS (beef, pork, mutton)
Raw, Rare, Well Done
(garlic, hot peppers, onions, horseradish, etc.)
 xoxo michelle joy

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