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Friday, May 18, 2012 - 1:32 a.m.

Day Two of Raw is soon coming to a close...and I'm still zooming ahead.  My feet are absolutely dead exhausted from a long, long day at work, but i am experiencing new-found energy!  Something is definitely working!

Today was a great and busy day at work - we had some special people for lunch, we got ready for the potluck, and we hosted an outstanding event in the evening.  A 10 hour work day for me!  

Sunny and John came for lunch and brought some more of their friends.  It's such a delight to see the retired couple who volunteer at Arnold's Way a second day this week, bringing even more of their friends for lunch.  "How do you have SO MANY vegetarian friends?" I'd asked Sunny because every week they bring ANOTHER new couple to Arnold's Way!  "Well," she hesitated, "Have you ever heard of The Seventh Day Adventist Church?"  Oh, my Lord, I can't believe I'd never put two and two together.  Yes I have heard of it!  Adventists are vegetarians and I used to Chef in the Expressly Vegetarian Cafe at the Chestnut Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church and attend services regularly and sing and perform and lead hymns!  It's a small world.  Sunny and John and I met years ago at church and didn't even realize it!

Also, My honey, Cliff, visited the cafe' and brought along his pregnant former student, Sarah, for lunch.  Sarah just got married and is 5.5 months along and soon ready to pop!  Sarah wanted experience a raw meal, so, I served Mommy-To-Be a yummy "Cheeze" Sandwhich stacked high with lotsa veggies, good for Mommy and Growing Baby.  She (they) loved it!  For Cliffy, I made a yummy "Toona" Gorilla Wrap (a collard wrap).  Afterwards, they enjoyed Banana Whips for dessert.  "I'm going to make these for the baby!" Sarah exclaimed!

After the cafe' closed, Arnold's Way hosted our "Dinner And A Movie" Night, a regular event every 3rd Friday of every month (the night before the Monthly Potluck).  The attending folks enjoyed some yummy raw food i made for them: "Garlic Lovers Kale Salad," "Veggie Slaw," "Marinated Mushrooms," and "Apple Pear Dessert," all dishes we will enjoy again at the potluck tomorrow.

But the real highlight of the evening was the film we watched - a 2 hour seminar called, "HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION" by Dr. Joel Robbins.
In this enlightening and thought provoking program, packed with revoluntionary information that will change your life, you will learn indispensable information that takes the mystery out of illness and disease.  You will discover how to conquer bad habits, avoid cancer and other diseases, and have more vitality than ever.  Dr. Robbins explains both the positive and the negative ways that food affects your health.   

If you have never listened to or watched a Dr. Joel Robbins presentation, run to the nearest source IMMEDIATELY!  PRONTO, if not sooner!  I will be featuring what I learn from Joel Robbins on the blog, and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  I said last night to Arnold, "This should be REQUIRED VIEWING" for EVERY Arnold's Way customer!"

Quite simply put, Dr. Robbins made me COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY I binge eat.  Period.  End of Statement.  I just "get it."  Finally!  And I'm excited to share my newfound understanding with you because I know so many of you are still suffering.  I really think, aside from singing, that THIS (to solve the mystery of binge eating and obesity) is my LIFE'S WORK.

I came away from the film so much more committed to raw and to restoring my health.

It is hard to believe the struggle it was to decide to finally go raw again.  I laugh at it now 2 days into it. I feel more committed than ever.

So, how did the raw couple do today?  Awesome!

I enjoyed my 2nd raw day at work as a raw chef at Arnold's Way, no stops before work or after for fast food.  What a relief to not have the food compulsion running my life.  And when i arrived home hungry, Cliff had a yummy raw salad waiting for me!  Am i a lucky girl, or what?

Cliff enjoyed fruit smoothie for breakfast, his raw lunch at the cafe', more smoothie later, and a raw salad for dinner.  I'd say this guy is SERIOUS.

And guess what?  It's day 3 and my knees and feet feel BETTER!  I usually have to take the steps downstairs one-at-a-time.  Not this morning!  And Cliff's ankles feel better already, too.  He's out bicycling.  I suppose inflammation is already decreasing and it's only day 3!      

I would call that A GOOD DAY!

Cliff's student, Sarah, is due in 8 weeks!  She enjoyed her lunch today at Arnold's Way!  This is an old picture already.  Her belly is twice as big now!

We gifted Mom-to-Be, Sarah, a veggie Spiralizer and a RAW FOOD MADE EASY cookbook!  Sarah is having a BOY!    

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