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Today was my 8th day of in-control whole foods eating with no binges!


Dinner: Dad's Birthday Dinner - very small salad with russian dressing on side, "Seasonal Vegetable Platter," a cooked veggie platter containing broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, string beans, asparagus, and potato; a few bites of fish, less than 1/2 cup of birthday ice cream cake dessert.

Notes:Dad's Birthday Dinner - I thought hard about what I would do last night when we took my parents out to dinner to celebrate my dad's 79th birthday.  I asked God to help me make sane choices.  I was so pleased with how I did at dinner.  I felt totally in control.  I ate no bread because I didn't want any.  I enjoyed salad and the Vegetable Platter very much.  I had a little bit of fish, probably about 1/3 cup, because I was still hungry after my veggies, and both Cliff and my mom, who both ordered fish, were having a hard time finishing theirs.  I had very little dessert.  Just enough.  It was a perfect treat night.  A little bit of something but nothing veered out of control.  Thank God.  I had no binge impulses after coming home and enjoyed my meal and the company and celebration!

Consequences - My feet hurt at work badly.  I wondered if it was from the salmon or the dairy in the icecream cake?  My feet didn't seem to hurt last week eating no fish/dairy.  Something to keep track of, which will inform my choices in future.  My feet hurt soooo bad!!  So now we get to the crux of it all - what is worth it when I truly realize/come to terms with the consequences.  The only way to do that is to journal how I feel after I eat!  So, hello there!!!  I also had a hard time singing in the morning with some reflux, but was okay soon enough.  We listened to the LOVE STATION on Serius Radio and I enjoyed singing along to love songs ALL DAY!!!!


Today I worked at Raw Can Roll Cafe.  

BR: steel cut oats in car before work (less than 1/2 cup cooked), 1 peach, 3/4 cup blueberries
SN: protein smoothie: almond milk, banana, peanut butter, cacao
L: raw lunch salad: large salad with scoop of dry mock chick'n, and my salt free cilantro cashew dressing
D: cooked vegan whole foods dinner: 3/4 cup mixed quioa and barley, cooked cauliflower, cooked mushrooms, rinsed canned red beans, cashew cream.   

Walk: 2 miles up hills to Pretzel Park, down to Main Street, up Baker Street, whew!  Good walk.  

Steel Cut Oats Breakfast - I make a big pot of them the night before.  I served myself a serving in a tupperware and slice fruit over it and ate just before work.  The peaches were so SO sweet, I didn't miss the agave...or honey!!!!!

Protein Smoothie: Felt very hungry about 12:00.  My breakfast at 8am was not that oatmealy, more fruity.  I decided for the Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie at Raw Can Roll Cafe. Definitely not as yummy without the agave, but still good.  Tasted more like Peanut Butter Mylk.

Raw Lunch Salad: I didn't eat my big veggie salad until about 3pm.  My salad was so huge but did little to cut my appetite - the only thing with calories was the thin cashew cream and about 1/3 cup of almond pulp. When I got home at 4pm, I started cooking dinner right away.

Cooked Vegan Whole Foods Dinner: I was dreaming up this amazingly delicious conconction in the car after I ate my salad and was FULL of low cal veggie roughage but STILL HUNGRY!

I had a small serving and it was enough!  I stopped as soon as I was no longer hungry.

I wonder why I am so in control lately??????  With no bread, no sugar, no cooked oils, I feel remarkably steady and not the least bit compulsive!  Or is it God/Spirituality that is making it happen (prayer, etc...)?  Or is it the combination of BOTH???  It occurs to me this kind of a food plan is similar to OA HOW GREY SHEET - no white flour, no sugar, nothing processed.


Here is the cooked vegan recipe that I created for dinner.  It was so VERY VERY delicious I wanted to share it with you!!!  

Un-Creamed Mushrooms and Beans with Cauliflower over Quinoa and Barley   
First I processed 1.5lb of cremini mushrooms in the food processor with the slicing blade, and put them on the stove with 1/2 cup of water and very little celtic salt to cook.  They rendered their juice and then the juice completely cooked away.  I added fresh thyme from my garden and a can of well rinsed red beans.   
I made raw cashew cream in the vitamix with about 3/4 cup cashew, same amount water, 4 cloves garlic, 1 date, 1/3 cup scallion, juice of 1 lemon, and a little celtic salt.  I added the cashew cream to the cooked mushroom mix, stirring in, with the heat off.  (OMG, it tasted just like the best very thick un-cream of mushroom soup.) 
I served myself a nice spoonful of the creamed mushroom mix over a bed of cooked cauliflower/quinoa/barley that I'd made all in one pot with water, no salt.  
This meal contained NO OIL and needed nothing it was so good.  
For garnish, I snipped fresh chives, scallions and parsley on top.  Pretty looking dish, and seriously delish. But delicately flavored!  Not 'kapowey' like I usually make, because I used ALOT less salt than I normally would.      

great day!

Michelle Joy

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MJoy!!!! I couldn't be happier to be reading about your journey again. I have missed you - it's lonely in cyberspace without your beautiful spirit.

Cheering for you, as always.